supports the new [video] HTML tag!

We now support the new [video] HTML tag when viewing movies from our site.

You’ll need Firefox v3.5+ (full or beta release) or Safari v4+ for us to show you a “try the new [video] tag” section under the “click to play” video area.

You can even persist a choice to always use it on our site (by us setting a cookie for you) (and you can change your mind and go back to the normal flash plugin based option).

-Tracey Jaquith

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7 Responses to supports the new [video] HTML tag!

  1. po says:

    yeS WE CAN

  2. reinoud says:

    very nice, I’ve been playing a number of videos now with the video html tag in FF3.5 on my atom N270 notebook w/ ubuntu. And where while flash video’s basically don’t play all (slow, stuttering) the video’s played using this method are silky smooth! 🙂

  3. Phpforms says:

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  4. bruce says:

    Tracey, could you add Opera 10.50 to the list of browsers that support the HTML5 video tag please?

  5. Daniel says:

    Hi! FF3.5 does not play .ogv served with MIME type application/ogg (like I think it should be video/ogg instead

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