Guest Blogger: Barbara Janis of the Presidio Trust

The Presidio Trust is a unique organization. It is a federal agency guiding the transformation of a former military post into a self-sufficient national park. The documents added to the Internet Archive record the steps in this evolution.

The main collection includes documents pertaining to building and landscape rehabilitation, planning, environmental and historic compliance, and efforts to convey the history of the Presidio of San Francisco. Among the reports are guidance documents such as the Presidio Trust Management Plan, the Vegetation Management Plan, and the Presidio Trails and Bikeways Master Plan. Environmental assessments and environmental impact statements are included, as well as year-end reports and financial statements.

The remediation collection documents the environmental cleanup of materials left at the Presidio by the U.S. Army. It includes the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) documents transferred by the U.S. Army to the Presidio Trust in August 1999, as well as reports created since that time.

Learn more by perusing the Presidio Trust collection here.

–Barbara Janis, MLIS
Library and Records Manager
Presidio Trust

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