New Open Library Search Engine add-on for Firefox

We’ve developed a Firefox add-on that allows you to directly search Open Library from your browser’s toolbar search field.

To install it:
1. Go to:
2. Check the “Let me install this experimental add-on.” button
3. Click “Add to Firefox” button
4. Click “Add” in the pop-up window (check “Start using it right away” if you want to use it immediately.)
5. Lastly, if you’re registered with Mozilla please log in and write a review of it here:

I hope you find it useful. Please use it often.

-Jeff Kaplan

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4 Responses to New Open Library Search Engine add-on for Firefox

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  2. rajan says:

    astonishing !

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  4. Steven says:

    Why do they call it “getting your dog fixed” if afterwards it doesn’t work anymore? =)

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