and Available in China Again and therefore the books on were blocked in China for a couple of years, starting being blocked without notice, and now at least partially recovering without notice.    Ken LeTran, the Archive employee working with a Chinese Department of Education scanning project, reported the availability today.

A cool site has been tracking the history of the blocking of .  We seem to be back on the air for and the Wayback Machine as well.   Another site confirms availability.    (Well, there are lots of blocked sites you probably have heard of.)

Hope we stay available, it helps the “universal access” part of our “Universal Access to All Knowledge” mission.

(pardon the web-bug, but it seemed appropriate)




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7 Responses to and Available in China Again

  1. Kai Li says:

    Yes, both of these two websites are available in China again.

  2. oneyoudontknow says:

    Is (or has been) your site blocked in other countries as well?

  3. grammarneurotic says:

    There are a number of typos/regrettable phrasings in this post, all of them in the first sentence (not including the double spaces after each period). Consider:
    “, and therefore the books on, have been blocked in China for a couple of years. There was no notice at the beginning, and now accessibility has been at least partially recovered, again without notice.”

  4. Sam says:

    This is great! I am looking forward to hours of live GD!

  5. Gao Shouye says:

    Very good news , as a register in China , now I can browse freely .

  6. 你我知[4] says:


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