With ShapeShift, Now You Can Donate Your Favorite Altcoin

For all of our donors who prefer Clams to Monero, Ripple over Dash, Dogecoin over Litecoin or vice versa, do we have good news for each and every one of you. The Internet Archive now accepts donations in them all!

We’ve completely redesigned our cryptocurrency donations page to include a ShapeShift ‘Shifty button’ allowing you to choose from over 30 tokens and altcoins and easily make a contribution.

With ShapeShift, you can make a donation in your favorite coin and it magically converts it to the equivalent value in Bitcoin, sending it to the Internet Archive’s public Bitcoin address.

Once you select your coin of choice, ShapeShift will provide a QR code / target address to send your donation. You can set a return coin address to get a refund in the unlikely event that the transaction gets interrupted, and enter your email address to receive a summary of your shifted donation. ShapeShift updates its token choices often, so if your favorite coin isn’t listed, it very well could be soon.

We still happily accept donations in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Zcash – the addresses and QR codes are listed on the newly redesigned site.

As a long-time supporter of the cryptocurrency movement — our community has been donating Bitcoin since 2011 — we have long believed that philanthropy can and should have a place in this evolving peer-to-peer monetary system. We have done what we can to support the evolution of decentralized technologies, and we are thrilled this community is supporting us in the same way. Many thanks to the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zcash communities. We hope this Shifty button will help bring to light and further support the various tokens in the ecosystem.

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