Puzzling Pictures at the Decentralized Web

Normally, I’m Jason Scott, Free-Range Archivist at the Internet Archive… but at the quickly-approaching Decentralized Web Summit being hosted at the San Francisco Mint, I’ll be your puzzle emcee overseeing a fun event and contest that takes place all over the building.

Called “Puzzling Pictures”, we will have six paintings hung up on the walls. It’s fun enough to find where we hung them, but contained within these paintings will be multiple layers of puzzles, leading to destinations online at the Archive, and ultimately, we will have a chosen winner of the top-level puzzle. This winner will have a charitable donation of cryptocurrency donated in their name to the charity of their choice.

The puzzle was designed by LoSTBoy (aka Ryan Clarke), who has designed contests for the DEF CON hacking conference and the Mr. Robot television show; the paintings are done by international lowbrow contemporary artist, Mar Williams. Mar will be attending the conference and will be auctioning off the paintings in a silent auction throughout the event.

It’s a challenging set of puzzles, so be sure to seek me out (I’ll be in a top hat and some crazy outfits) to work on them, and have fun!

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4 Responses to Puzzling Pictures at the Decentralized Web

  1. Riaz says:

    sure going to be fun, multiple puzzles within the pictures will have audience glued. amazing innovation to say the least. all the bet for the event

  2. Okay…you will be in Top hat? and what would be the outfits btw? Halloween I guess? 😉

  3. Avneet singh says:

    Hi. Thanks for Posting this info. i just want to let you know that i just check out your site and i find it very interesting and informative.

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