Now you can donate your favorite altcoin to the Internet Archive

Got Clams? Maybe some extra XRP lying around? Is your Litecoin portfolio flush and you’d like to share the love? Now you can! Thanks to Changelly, the Internet Archive is able to accept donations in a whole new variety of altcoins. Our crypto-donations page recently got a fresh, new look, and now with the Changelly button, we can accept more than 100 forms of cryptocurrency.

How It Works
If you’d like to support us in Dogecoin, or Dash or one of the many other altcoins supported, simply click the Changelly ‘Pay with altcoins’ button, choose the currency you’d like to donate, and Changelly magically converts it to the equivalent value in Bitcoin sending it to the Internet Archive’s public Bitcoin address.

We still happily accept donations in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Zcash via the Internet Archive’s public addresses on the cryptocurrency contributions page.

Why we care about crypto
The Internet Archive has been a long-time participant in cryptocurrencies — we have been accepting Bitcoin donations since 2011, and our staff receives year-end bonuses and some salary in BTC. It’s been amazing to see crypto donations grow enormously year after year…Many thanks to the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zcash communities. We hope the Changelly button will help bring to light and further support the various tokens in the ecosystem.

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    We still happily accept donations in Bitcoin

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