Working to Keep Positive Copyright Provisions in Canada

We have said previously that Canada is doing a relatively good job of achieving the appropriate balance in its laws between user rights and the rights of authors and publishers.

The Internet Archive joined the Internet Archive Canada today in filing a brief to the Canadian Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Trade (INDU) under that county’s statutory review of its copyright laws.

Our message to INDU is mostly: “don’t back pedal”. We do suggest that if Canada decides to extend its copyright term by 20 years pursuant to the USMCA, that they add a balancing provision allowing libraries to make those older works available to the public.

Our brief here.

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5 Responses to Working to Keep Positive Copyright Provisions in Canada

  1. AliSun says:

    my love canada :X

  2. boratis mora says:

    you are telling the truth. I support you

  3. Jason MacKenzie says:

    Good to see some political activism that’s actually relevant to the work of the Archive for a change.

  4. Nila says:

    That was amazing article
    Thank for your website

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