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The Battle to Save Net Neutrality – Please Join Us

Net neutrality, the principle that broadband companies like Comcast and AT&T shouldn’t pick winners and losers on the Internet, is under attack in Washington, DC. The Trump Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing to repeal the strong 2015 net neutrality … Continue reading

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Re: User account breach

The FBI helpfully told us that they found a copy of the Archive’s user database, dated prior to 2012, during one of their investigations. This database did not have much information that is not on the website, but it had … Continue reading

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FAQs about the Internet Archive Canada

Responses from Brewster Kahle, Founder & Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive Based on interest from our letter that mentioned our raising money to make a copy of Internet Archive’s digital collections in Canada, press and others have asked a … Continue reading

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Authors Alliance and Internet Archive Team Up to Make Books Available

by Michael Wolfe, Executive Director, Authors Alliance To write a book takes time, effort, more often than not, love. Happily, books are built to last, and with the proper stewardship remain relevant, provide insight and information, or entertain for generations. … Continue reading

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