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Math Class Then and Now

Bikini Calculus

  • Maintaining Classroom Discipline (1947): Mr. Grimes is the math teacher from hell: watch him berate his students and their small rebellions. Happily, the wise fatherly narrator suggests a better teaching mode and Mr. Grimes magically transforms.
  • Inertia (2004): This math teacher may be more nightmarish than Mr. Grimes but his students’ challenge (and magically transform!) him through dance.
  • Cheating (1952) John gets his friend Mary to help him cheat to pass an algebra test. Soon he’s a cheating addict and poor Mary is his accomplice.
  • Bikini Calculus (2004) This bikini-clad woman won’t help you cheat, but she might help you learn some calculus. In this short teaser for the How-to-Do Girls’ commercial videos, the teacher claims, This isn’t mindless misogynistic fun! Hmmm…
  • If you’re serious about learning math, check out the Archive’s Advanced Placement Calculus courses (levels AB & BC), or video lectures from MIT’s popular course on Differential Equations, or any of the college-level math video lectures from MSRI (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute).


— Renata

Tuition-free University Lectures

Kofi Annan SpeaksThe Archive’s Education Collection provides free university courses and lectures (usually videotaped). The newest collection in the Education Collection is the University Channel Public Affairs Lectures. Watch guest speakers such as Kofi Annan, Condoleeza Rice, Robert Rubin, Cornel West, Hans Blix, and Bill Gates as they address audiences at Harvard, Princeton, Middlebury College, and other academic institutions.

Note: the Education Collection works a bit differently from other parts of the Archive. To view all the available files for an item, click on “FTP” or “HTTP” next to the words “View all files” in the left-hand column of the item page. Then right-click the file you want to download and save it to your computer.

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