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Improved theora/ogg video derivatives!

We’ve made our ogg video derivatives slightly better via: minor bump up to “thusnelda” release “upgrade” from 1-pass video encoding to 2-pass video encoding direct ffmpeg creation of the video (you’ll need to re/compile ffmpeg minimally with “–enable-libtheora –enable-libvorbis” configure … Continue reading

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Downloading in bulk using wget

If you’ve ever wanted to download files from many different items in an automated way, here is one method to do it. ____________________________________________________________ Here’s an overview of what we’ll do: 1. Confirm or install a terminal emulator and wget … Continue reading

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IA forums now do “inline reply”

One thing that’s driven me a bit kooky is every time I “reply to this post” in the Internet Archive forums, it drives the browser to a new form page with no context/content of the post I was just looking … Continue reading

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new off-site video/audio embed codes

We are about to rollout a “new new” video/audio player 😎 You can see it in action now with our upcoming embed codes to go with this new player. It will allow for additional much wanted features like: – off-site … Continue reading

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Open Hardware: Inexpensive Enclosures From Junction Boxes.

I had a need for a cheap, standard enclosure for a humidity and temperature monitoring project. While there are many, many options for enclosures out there, few are cheap AND locally available. It occurred to me that electrical junction boxes … Continue reading

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improved h.264 derivatives!

We have thoroughly tested a newer and simpler way to create h.264 derivatives! Changes you’ll notice: More pixels!  previously 320 x 240    goes to 640 x 480 pixels Slightly higher video bitrate — from about 512kb/s   to   … Continue reading

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How items are structured

What is an item? An item is a logical “thing” that we present on one web page on An item may be one video file along with scans of the DVD cover, one book, one audio file, or a … Continue reading

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How Montana State Library Uploaded Batches of Digital Objects to the Internet Archive

by Chris Stockwell for Montana State Library, 12/29/2010 Introduction The Montana State Library (MSL) last year moved a copy of its collection of 3000 born digital state publications to the Internet Archive (IA). Since MSL will be continuing to upload … Continue reading

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New BookReader!

By mang We’re pleased to announce the release of our freshly re-designed BookReader on the Internet Archive. The updated BookReader has these great new features (links will take you to a live example): Redesigned user interface that maximizes the amount … Continue reading

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The Fourth Generation Petabox

Behind all the cool stuff users see on is some serious hardware. I was curious about the ongoing development of data storage here at Internet Archive. I spent a little time with Mario, Master of the Machines, while he … Continue reading

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