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Little Known Classics You NEED To Watch!

The classic, the rare, the obscure…you movie junkies love this stuff. It’s always cool to discover the weird films made by familiar faces. Kudos Matt Holmes and Peter Willis of Obssessed With Film for assembling a Top 10 of little … Continue reading

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Top 40 best free legal movies you can download right now

Sean P. Aune at tech.blorge has put together a great list of movies on  From his blog: The Internet Archive works to bring together anything and everything that resides in the public domain, and that includes movies.  We’ve gathered … Continue reading

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Then and Now

With the continued difficulties in the economy and the comparison often heard to the Great Depression I thought I’d search the Archive for some perspective. While unquestionably there was hardship and suffering, I was heartened to see footage from two … Continue reading

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Eels as party favors?

I was in Mexico City a couple of weeks ago, and we went to Plaza Garibaldi where all of the mariachi hang out, waiting to be hired.  There are great bars on the plaza where you can sip tequila (NOT … Continue reading

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better mp4 (h.264) derivatives at!

Late last week, we pushed live a new video deriving technique, as well as in the process updated our audio/video file reader, ffmpeg. New items will benefit from this newer method, and prior items can be re-derived by users if … Continue reading

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Nuclear Summit and Marionettes

In light of the recent nuclear de-proliferation summit in Washington, D.C., I thought I’d bone up on pre-cautions in case things don’t work out. Today’s question is: Can paper maché marionettes survive the bomb? Let’s find out: Rural Civil Defense … Continue reading

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"Houston, we’ve had a problem"

The now famous words spoken by Jim Lovell in 1970 in the ill-fated Apollo 13 flight. There was a reunion of astronauts and control crew to celebrate the 40th anniversary. NASAimages has many great photos and video from the flight. … Continue reading

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NASA partners with Internet Archive to archive digital imagery

From Jon Hornstein at Internet Archive’s NASA images: NASA gave a nice shout-out to the Internet Archive for helping them address their Open Government Initiative requirements. Here’s a couple of choice quotes . . . “. . . (the … Continue reading

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New York City

Just back from a sightseeing trip of New York City. After visiting so many famous landmarks I decided to check out what we have at the Archive. I dig the riveting machine in this movie of the construction of the … Continue reading

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St. Patrick's Day at the Archive

Let’s see what we’ve got for St. Patrick’s Day on the servers….. Newsreel of the huge parade in New York City in 1939 (with some other interesting news of the day). A tune featuring bagpipe and fiddle A breathtaking image … Continue reading

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