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It’s always going to be an open question as to what parts of culture will survive beyond each generation, but there’s very little doubt that one of them is going to be memes. Memes are, after all, their own successful … Continue reading

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The Hidden Shifting Lens of Browsers

Some time ago, I wrote about the interesting situation we had with emulation and Version 51 of the Chrome browser – that is, our emulations stopped working in a very strange way and many people came to the Archive’s inboxes … Continue reading

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No More 404s! Resurrect dead web pages with our new Firefox add-on.

Have you ever clicked on a web link only to get the dreaded “404 Document not found” (dead page) message? Have you wanted to see what that page looked like when it was alive? Well, now you’re in luck. Recently the Internet Archive … Continue reading

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Fixing Broken Links on the Internet

Today the Internet Archive announces a new initiative to fix broken links across the Internet.  We have 360 billion archived URLs, and now we want you to help us bring those pages back out onto the web to heal broken … Continue reading

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Blacked Out Government Websites Available Through Wayback Machine

  (from the Internet Archive’s Archive-it group: Announcing the first ever Archive-It US Government Shutdown Notice Awards!  ) Congress has caused the U.S. federal government to shut down and important websites have gone dark.  Fortunately, we have the Wayback Machine to … Continue reading

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80 terabytes of archived web crawl data available for research

Internet Archive crawls and saves web pages and makes them available for viewing through the Wayback Machine because we believe in the importance of archiving digital artifacts for future generations to learn from.  In the process, of course, we accumulate … Continue reading

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HTTP Archive joins with Internet Archive

It was announced today that HTTP Archive has become part of Internet Archive. The Internet Archive provides an archive of web site content through the Wayback Machine, but we do not capture data about the performance of web sites.  Steve … Continue reading

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Want to discuss the Wayback Machine or Internet Archive’s web archive?

Over on the web group’s blog is a post inviting input on the Wayback Machine and Internet Archive’s web archive. You can post comments and suggestions. There’s also some useful links. Check it out at -Jeff Kaplan

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New Firefox Add-on for searching the Wayback Machine

Fellow time travelers, We have a new Firefox add-on that allows you to search the Wayback Machine from your browser. You can get it at: For those who have yet to travel back in time, the Internet Archive Wayback … Continue reading

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GeoCities, Preserved!

There’s a chance that in the 1990s, you were more familiar with neighborhoods on GeoCities than with the neighborhoods in your own town. As one of the most popular and oldest (nearly 15 years running) sites for self expression on … Continue reading

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Wayback Machine comes to life in new home

The Wayback Machine is a 150 billion page web archive with a front end to serve it through the website. Today the new machine came to life, so if you using the service, you are using a 20′ by … Continue reading

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Wayback Machine has 85 Billion Archived Webpages

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine now has 85,898,456,616 archived web objects in it, and is available, as always, to the public for free. A snapshot of the World Wide Web is taken every 2 months and donated to the Internet … Continue reading

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