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new mp4 (h.264) derivative technique — simpler and easy!

Greetings video geeks!  😎 We’ve updated the process and way we create our .mp4 files that are shown on video pages on archive.org It’s a much cleaner/clearer process, namely: We opted to ditch ffpreset files in favor of command-line argument … Continue reading

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new video and audio player — video multiple qualities, related videos, and more!

Many of you have already noticed that since the New Year, we have migrated our new “beta” player to be the primary/default player, then to be the only player. We are excited about this new player! It features the very … Continue reading

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improved h.264 derivatives!

We have thoroughly tested a newer and simpler way to create h.264 derivatives! Changes you’ll notice: More pixels!  previously 320 x 240    goes to 640 x 480 pixels Slightly higher video bitrate — from about 512kb/s   to   … Continue reading

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better mp4 (h.264) derivatives at archive.org!

Late last week, we pushed live a new video deriving technique, as well as in the process updated our audio/video file reader, ffmpeg. New items will benefit from this newer method, and prior items can be re-derived by users if … Continue reading

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New strategy for Internet Archive movies!

We have rebuilt all of our nearly 200,000 videos at the archive! [We finished this Dec 1, 2008] Related cross-blog with OLPC. Here is a table-based chart of which video formats will be “derived” into which formats (we are creating … Continue reading

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