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movie thumbnails can jump to scene in video

We are now rolling out a “beta” feature where users can click on the thumbnails for a given video (to see the still frames) and now click on a thumbnail to jump right into that scene of the video! -Tracey … Continue reading

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videos can seek now

Our flash-based player will now allow for folks to click anywhere on the timeline to have it quickly seek the film to the indicated position (previously users would have to wait for the video to download/pre-buffer up to that point … Continue reading

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Archive supports subtitles now!

Our flash-based player supports “SubRip” files (files with “.srt” extension). About a month ago, we updated our video pages to automatically support subtitles. One simply needs to upload a file with a “.srt” extension (in the SubRip format) along with … Continue reading

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Audio and Video improvements

Hi Patrons, Yesterday we made live a large update to the way we create the audio and video displayed on our site.  Most folks might not notice the changes, so here’s a rundown: For Audio: We can now read and … Continue reading

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Rederiving our movies to Ogg Theora and more!

[reposted and edited with generous consent from John Gilmore] The Internet Archive has a collection of about 185,000 moving images, including many cartoons and full-length movies that have fallen into the public domain.  They offer full downloads in the best … Continue reading

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