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Internet Archive to help First Draft News debunk fake news

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with First Draft News, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to ferreting out misinformation online. In its short existence–it was founded in June 2015–First Draft News has already spearheaded innovative projects that bring together … Continue reading

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Preserving U.S. Government Websites and Data as the Obama Term Ends

Long before the 2016 Presidential election cycle librarians have understood this often-overlooked fact: vast amounts of government data and digital information are at risk of vanishing when a presidential term ends and administrations change.  For example, 83% of .gov pdf’s … Continue reading

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Blacked Out Government Websites Available Through Wayback Machine

  (from the Internet Archive’s Archive-it group: Announcing the first ever Archive-It US Government Shutdown Notice Awards!  ) Congress has caused the U.S. federal government to shut down and important websites have gone dark.  Fortunately, we have the Wayback Machine to … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Datacenter

A note from Internet Archive’s founder, Brewster Kahle: Today (March 25, 2009) the Internet Archive and Sun Microsystems are launching a new datacenter that stores the whole web archive and serves the Wayback Machine. And, it is a modular datacenter … Continue reading

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