Archiving the King: In Celebration of MLK Day

  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1957)The Open Mind (1957) Hugh Hefner interviews Dr. Martin Luther King and Judge Waring on the topic of the “New Negro”. Discussion topics include aggression, the Civil Rights Movement, and the American judicial system.
  • Integration Report (1960) This documentary about the Civil Rights Movement shows Dr. King’s besieged church in Montgomery, Alabama. Later, he is shown speaking at a march in Washington D.C.. Footage of the march and other Civil Rights speakers is also shown and spiritual music from the period is played throughout the film.
  • Peace March: Thousands oppose Vietnam War (1967) This film documents anti-war demonstrations in the United States and Italy. It includes a glimpse of Dr. King leading the march in New York.
  • Democracy Now (January 17, 2005) This news broadcast is entirely about MLK and features extended excerpts from his “Beyond Vietnam” speech from 1967, and his final speech (delivered the day before he died in 1968) “I Have Been to the Mountaintop”. Robert Kennedy’s announcement of King’s assassination and the audience response may also be heard.
  • Democracy Now (November 19, 2002) This broadcast features a rare tape of MLK speaking outside the Santa Rita jail where singer Joan Baez and her mother were being held for protesting the draft on January 14, 1968. The show has a current interview with Baez, and her music can be heard throughout the program.
  • Democracy Now (January 20, 2003) Broadcast features an excerpt from King’s speech “Why I oppose the war in Vietnam,” and an interview with his son, Dexter King.
  • Democracy Now (January 21, 2002) An excerpt from King’s 1967 speech on Civil Disobedience is presented after the news headlines.
  • Democracy Now (January 15, 2003) Broadcast on his birthday, King can be heard outlining his opposition to the Vietnam War. The excerpt comes after the news headlines.
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