'Feeling With Their Nerves': Young Poets on the Archive


  • Youth Speaks Poet An interview with San Francisco poet Sara Daley who reads a few of her poems.
  • Block Violence Dance, spoken word, and neighborhood footage are featured in this video, which states that over half the people shown will be dead within two or three years due to gang violence.
  • Heaven Video poem by Jose Mendez.
  • Welcome to My Unhappy Streets Alicia Butler presents a video/poem about her neighborhood in a plea to “stop the violence.”
  • Blinking Video poem produced by Rachel Burnham featuring a poem by Morton Marcus.
  • amherst_the_power_of_voices_00000011.jpg

  • The Power of Voices Group and individual spoken word pieces and dance are performed.
  • Letters to Patrick Tragic love poem set to footage of two gummi bears.
  • Poetry in Motion Three high school poetry teachers discuss their approach of making poetry matter to their students.
— Renata

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