Celebrate One Web Day Sept. 22, 2007

One Web Day is like Earth Day for the Internet. The goal of the annual event is to celebrate the web and the difference it makes in our lives; and to take time to reflect on what the web could mean for the world and human kind in the future.

One Web Day logoWhile it is easy to take the Web for granted, there are substantial threats to the free flow of online information all around the world. The supporters of One Web Day hope to create a global constituency that thinks of itself as responsible for the future of the Internet, so that when negative things happen (such as censorship, restricted access, or heavy-handed law enforcement control) people will act.

The second annual One Web Day is happening this September 22. The Internet Archive has created a special One Web Day Collection where anyone may upload a video to celebrate One Web Day. You may also want to upload your One Web Day video to the collections on blipTV, YouTube, and Dotsub.com with the tag “onewebday2007”.

To upload to the Archive collection, start here and select “One Web Day (Sept 22, 2007)” from the drop-down menu titled “—Pick A Collection—” before you click “Upload Files”.

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