Rederiving our movies to Ogg Theora and more!

[reposted and edited with generous consent from John Gilmore]

The Internet Archive has a collection of about 185,000 moving images,
including many cartoons and full-length movies that have fallen into
the public domain.  They offer full downloads in the best format they
have, as well as “re-derived” versions in other (typically smaller)
formats.  They also added a Flash-based video player in the last year
or two.   The “One Laptop Per Child”, or OLPC, software supports the Ogg Theora video
codec, but few movies had been uploaded in Ogg Theora, and none had
previously been re-derived into it.

The Archive actively supports the free software ecosystem, and is now
busy re-deriving copies of all their videos into both Ogg Theora and
H.264 (mp4) codecs.  So far they have more than 40% of the videos
converted, and hope to have the rest done by December 2008.
This makes each of these videos easily accessible on the OLPC XO, by
looking in the left margin for the download/stream link for the Ogg
Video version.  As each is converted, it immediately becomes
accessible at

The Archive is also noticing that the “OLPC” browser
is connecting, and replaces the Flash player with a direct link to the
.ogv Ogg Theora file.  This allows stock XO’s to play videos by
clicking on the big Click To Play image.  For example, try:

For the kids, they’ve already converted all 84 cartoons in this collection:

You can also search their moving images collection for
format:”Ogg Video”
to restrict your search to movies that have a copy available in Ogg (Theora).

–tracey jaquith

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