Three Cheers for Volunteers

There is a back room at the Internet Archive office that houses stacks and stacks of classic comedy lps collected for digitization and archiving. Thanks to a steadfast volunteer, Kris Koeller, many of these lps have been run through the digitization process and archived within our database, forever immortalizing comedy greats such as Woody Allen and Cheech and Chong.

At the Internet Archive, it is often that we rely on the sort of kindness and generosity that Kris has been able to give us. As most non-profits can vouch for, it takes a lot of help and determination from many people to keep things running, and volunteers at the Archive make that possible.

As Kris moves on from the Archive, more volunteers are slated to fill his shoes, ensuring that as much material as possible is able to be archived.

From all of us at Internet Archive, we thank you, Kris. Your work will allow others to keep on laughing.

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12 Responses to Three Cheers for Volunteers

  1. KhanX says:


    How can I help you for the volunteers? I’d like to help you.

    Best regards.

  2. We are always looking for volunteer scanners in our scanning centers.
    Take a look here for more information:

    Thank you for your interest!

  3. Lorac-writer says:

    (I know, it needs updating!) I found you on TED and cannot believe this! I’ve been struggling to preserve my once-played (then taped) LPs from the Intl. Preview Society, etc. and also scanning my own works via Kurzweil, and then watched Kahle on TED – a breeze from the ocean.

    I have to utilize adaptive software due to vision impairment, but extensive exp. in NGOs, et al. Can I help you in any way?

  4. Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering!
    Please email with “Volunteer Opportunity” in the subject line for more information.
    We’d love to hear from you!

  5. Le Pakure says:

    Wie kann ich meine Songs öffentlich zum kostenlosesn download hochladen ???

  6. Thank you
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  7. Julian E. Rosine says:

    As aVolunteer Coordinator for the Senior Corps in Riverside ,CA

    Senior Volunteers Rock and live longer.

  8. kamohelo malinga says:

    Thank you to all the volunteers who are giving their time (and I guess money) to help the idea behind this project grow and flourish. Its always strikes me how humanity is not pushed forward (kicking and screaming mind you) not just by the giants, but rather by the innumerable ‘little people” with giant hearts. In South Africa we praise by saying ‘HALALA’, so to all the volunteers HALALA

  9. Tony Vogel says:

    Thanks to all the wonderful people who donate their time I can sit back and enjoy what this most extraordinary website has to offer. There are not enough words to express my most sincere gratitude.

  10. Naomi P says:

    I stumbled accidentally on this website and heavens its been a big blessing!! Even when I am in the kitchen and have a deadline to catch up on my weekly reading so I can participate actively in class, I just plug in my wireless earphone and Holla! Iam cooking and listening to the texts I could have sat down to read. I so much appreciate the clever brains that came out with this idea and highly appreciate the contributors and donors!
    I am in fact, interested in contributing also through reading some texts. Kudos to you all.


  11. Amos Obi says:

    Thank you for this great work of the Internet Archive to save the beautiful and great works of our time. I wish to express my desire to contribute as a volunteer in Africa especially Nigeria to mobilize and collate achieve materials as well as create more awareness for this great site. Thank you sincerely for your anticipated positive response.
    AMOS A. OBI @2348054730509

  12. Would be interested in any volunteer opportunity in the digitizing of LP’s, 45’s, 78’s or Reel to Reel media.

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