An All-Star Team

It has been about seven months since NASA and Internet Archive teamed up to create Through a Space Act Agreement, NASA has granted Internet Archive unprecedented access to all of the NASA centers’ media archives.

While media from NASA had previously been held in numerous stations around the country, Internet Archive now provides a one stop shop for NASA images, video, and audio. By 2011, it is expected that will hold more than five million still images and tens of thousand of hours of video and audio. Already, is the largest collection of NASA media available through a single site, hosting more than 140,000 still images and dozens of hours of video and audio.

The mission of this project is threefold:

  • To be a resource for educators, students, researchers and anyone else who wishes to use the media assets of NASA to further our understanding the earth, aeronautics, space exploration, astronomy and NASA itself
  • To encourage young people to study math and science in order to inspire them to become the next generation of scientists
  • To facilitate the sharing of media resources within NASA by being the primary source of media for NASA employees and contractors
  • Perusing this site can easily take up hours of your time, so here a few highlights to get you acquainted:

  • Space Shuttle Columbia
  • Young Stars Emerge From Orion’s Head
  • Monkey Baker With a Model Jupiter Vehicle
  • Astronauts’ Wake Up Calls
  • Buzz Aldrin on the Moon
  • Astronaut John Glenn in a State of Weightlessness
  • Jupiter, its Great Red Spot
  • Hubble Reveals the Heart of the Whirlpool Galaxy
  • Christa McAuliffe Experiences Weightlessness During KC-135 Flight
  • Great Observatories Present Rainbow of a Galaxy
  • To find more items of interest, visit the homepage to browse. Check back often as more items will be flowing in all the time.

    –Cara Binder

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