Archive supports subtitles now!

Our flash-based player supports “SubRip” files (files with “.srt” extension). About a month ago, we updated our video pages to automatically support subtitles.

One simply needs to upload a file with a “.srt” extension (in the SubRip format) along with the video file to get started. If the item includes multiple video files/tracks, you can make multiple .srt files, example:

We support multilingual subtitling as well. Our suggested naming of .srt files for language-based tracks for the best display on our site is like: (english) (french) (hungarian)
and our site will show a selector for the three different languages
subtitle: [ en | fr | hu ]
next to the video track in our player.

Example short video with subtitling.

–Tracey Jaquith

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5 thoughts on “Archive supports subtitles now!

  1. internetarchive

    o gosh, sorry, i didn’t see the comment until now 😎

    so are the diacritcal marks UTF-8 encoded (and not something like Latin-1) in the .srt file?

    i can’t watch a whole lot of this video — being someone who doesn’t eat mammals i really can’t watch the subject matter very much (apologies).
    (mammal torture is something i cannot stomach)

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