supports the new [video] HTML tag!

We now support the new [video] HTML tag when viewing movies from our site.

You’ll need Firefox v3.5+ (full or beta release) or Safari v4+ for us to show you a “try the new [video] tag” section under the “click to play” video area.

You can even persist a choice to always use it on our site (by us setting a cookie for you) (and you can change your mind and go back to the normal flash plugin based option).

-Tracey Jaquith

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7 thoughts on “ supports the new [video] HTML tag!

  1. reinoud

    very nice, I’ve been playing a number of videos now with the video html tag in FF3.5 on my atom N270 notebook w/ ubuntu. And where while flash video’s basically don’t play all (slow, stuttering) the video’s played using this method are silky smooth! 🙂

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      1. daniel

        Hi, thanks for your reply.
        Actually, the problem comes from this particular video, not from the video tag, so it was probably not the right place for feedback…
        (Either in the video tag or opening it in ff3.5, it seems to buffer the whole movie without starting to play. Other videos like are ok. So the not 100% correct content-type is not the problem.)

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