Relax, You're at an Intermission in a Drive-In

These days, a good drive-in theater is a relatively rare gem to find. Although many have recently been resurrected and a DIY drive-in movement has even occurred, a drive-in is still often seen through nostalgic eyes rather than considered to be an everyday venue for movie screening. The collection of Drive-In movie ads that is on Internet Archive can bring you back to a time when you could watch a movie from the comfort of your car, visit the snack stand at intermission, and hang speakers from your car window.

Take a peek at some of the films shown during intermission:

  • “Step right this way, folks, for the most extravagant array of refreshment goodies ever assembled under one roof!”
  • “Public Demonstration of Affection } Will Not Be Tolerated Here (‘Nuff Said?)”
  • “If you like hot dogs, you’ll love corn dogs. Everybody does!”
  • The management urges you to go to church on Sunday
  • “Music to the ears of the hungry: the sizzle of a mouthwatering hamburger.”
  • Now go get yourself a snack, refrain from PDA, and visit your place of worship on Sunday.

    –Cara Binder

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    20 thoughts on “Relax, You're at an Intermission in a Drive-In

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        1. RAS

          Actually, YOU are the dick.

          It’s somewhat surprising that a dick such as you would be here at all, instead of trolling at youtube.

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    3. David Justian

      Actually, these consession stand promos bring back memories of kids gathering there during the intermission and having a lot of social fun, mosting talking loudly with school friends, sometimes we’d actually buy something and that was a treat!

    4. Hildesheim

      The drive-in cinema is the perfect movie for young parents, they just take her baby in her car – it bothers nobody – in which cinema you can to? Only in the drive-in movie!

      Or just take your dog to the drive-in cinema, he must not stay at home!

      Best regards from Germany Niedersachsen Hildesheim
      Hildesheimer Kuddi und Gabi

    5. Christopher

      I was just glancing at the “TAGS” box, at the right side of this page…
      What The heck does BaracK Obama have to do with this???
      His mother fornicating outside of this country, when these where playing.

    6. will

      The Drive-In what wondrous days no one talked during the movie you never had to move to let someone through. golly gee you could even smoke !

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    8. Mccoy

      Why do most cars have speedometers that go up to at least 130 when you legally can’t go that fast on any road? =)

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