Here Comes the SUN!

It’s been raining for 4 days in San Francisco (home of, and I’ve been wishing for sun all day so I figured a sunny little tour of the archive was in order.

Our Mr SunFirst off, if you’d like to learn a little more about the importance of our shiniest star, you can watch an entertaining educational film by Frank Capra called Our Mr. Sun, part of the A/V Geeks Film Archive.

To see some pretty pictures of what the sun gives us, check out this 1946 film from Del Monte, Gifts of the Sun from the Prelinger Archive.  If your tastes run more to the psychadelic, try Hymn To The Sun God.

If you prefer to get your information from NASA, check out these brief segments from the NASA LaRC Office of Education: The Sun, Sun Basics, Solar Flares and Other Sun Activity, Sun-Earth Connection, and Importance of Studying the Sun (which I really wish I could do right now).

Feeling a little wound up?  Try doing a Sun Salutation (or this significantly less serious version featuring “frisky dolls”).

If  you want to watch a cheesy horror movie that doesn’t really have anything to do with the sun, check out Terror in the Midnight Sun — according to IMDB, the movie’s tagline is “Monsters walk the earth in ravishing rampage of clawing fury!” so I don’t see how you can go wrong with this one.

Prefer westerns?  Try By the Sun’s Rays from 1914.

I’m sure you can find many more sun-related items in the archive, but I need to go sit under my full spectrum light therapy lamp.  Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Here Comes the SUN!

  1. Justin Boland

    Awesome. I really appreciate the collections you’re doing via the blog — great to find some corners of the archive I never knew existed.

    Thank you!

  2. Ryan Jay Regier

    You guys should put some videos on the net. The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney have done so already. Now your various concert audios are unique, but you need some visual components to keep up. One concert I have always wanted to hear is the concert in Egypt one. Maybe being commerical might sound uncool but the last hit record from any band I remortely line is Santana’s Supernatural CD back in 1998.

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