Hula Dancing and other Risky Behavior

So I was listening to a music in the Live Music Archives section of a local surf band, Mermen I was really liking “Big Day At The Bay”.

Which got me to thinking about surfing. A search got me to “This is your life Duke Kahanamoku (1957)”, Kowabunga! The Hula dance! Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller)! Five Olympic games and world records! Rescue hero!

Which put me in the mind of skateboarding in the 60’s whereupon I happened across this gem: “Skateboard Sense” by Sid Davis, The skating is kind of laughable but I was mostly looking at the cars and bellbottoms. Bug! Vega! Duster!

So I searched Sid Davis which took me to “Keep Off The Grass” The three panel presentation of drugs  at about 11 minutes in is identical to the one that was used in my school in that same era. Ah, the nostalgia! Ah the flashback!  – Jeff Kaplan