BloomEnergy, the Bloombox, Free Energy and Tesla

A hot topic on the heels of the 60 Minutes segment last night. Is the Bloombox the long sought solution to cheap clean energy? Is Mr.ย K.R. Sridhar the modern day Nicola Tesla? At the risk of boring you all I found these bits of history on the search for cheap energy and the conspiracies to stop it.

Free Energy – The Race to Zero-Point

Tesla Work

BTW, I am powered by strong coffee. -Jeff Kaplan

21 thoughts on “BloomEnergy, the Bloombox, Free Energy and Tesla

  1. my kol

    Do you realize how much energy goes into making that coffee?

    First, you have have to grow the beans, pick the beans, haul the beans by mule, process the beans, fly the beans to a processing house, package the coffee, ship the coffee to a store location, someone buys it brings it home, brewing the hot water, all for a ten minute drink.

    I didn’t even mention the energy used to fuel the car, the plane, the mule food, fertalizer, or the cost of making the coffee cup and tea spoon. Phew.

  2. mr.sin

    That coffee is worth all of that energy though.. as it takes all the energy it took for the mule, the cars, the brewing machine, etc.. and then puts in your body

    1. Mark

      No it doesn’t. All your body gets is whatever chemical energy is stored in the coffee itself. Most of the energy spent between growing it and putting it into your mug isn’t present in what you swallow.

  3. Garry

    I hate to be “that guy” but I wanted to correct the spelling of Tesla’s name. It’s spelled the Serbo-Croatian way: Nikola, not the Romance language way: Nicola. I should know, my Serbo-Croatian son shares Mr. Tesla’s name.

  4. Jeff

    Well, now. It’s at least 12 years later, and in our green-focussed world, ALL the auto companies are spending billions developing their best-cheapest-managable alternatives to gasoline. It’s worth billions in profits to them. Guaranteed: any would back any inventor or buy any alternative idea that works. The methods in this movie aren’t capable of being harnessed in any useful way. No conspiracy is at work, or necessary to explain their non-use.

    1. gnotek

      you are a fool to think the auto industry is going hyper green, and that they need new ideas to be more efficient. its quite known that the auto industry holds many patents for hyper efficient transportation.

      quite simply the fossil fuel infrastructure cannot die overnight, it would collapse the world economy, hence no conspiracy like you say. but they are absolutely hedging their bets for the right time to really go green (electric cars are not green when 40% of the countries electricity is from burning coal). the next planned fuel source is natural gas, with all its controversy over hyrdo frakking. they are in NO rush to become environmentally responsible, the primary motivation is profit.

      that being said – i truly believe the small innovators – and they grow by the day here in the US – are going to be the winners – b/c those creative people are not going to wait for GM to get their environmental act together. and why should big companies rush for such a thing, they have no motivation – until smaller companies start putting vehicles on the road which compete. the smaller cars from europe are one indication.

      but this goes far beyond what kind of cars we drive. much more will change (in my opinion) as we realize that non-localized economies are what’s hurting us most. then there is much less of a reason to have a car. in the words of the first poster (my kol) – he’s hit the nail on the head – why are we spending so much energy to move all these goods around? take a step back from the energy efficiency debate and look at the WHY we are using so much of it in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Amaterasu

    A petition has been started on for the US Government to release electrogravitics to the public.

    Why This Is Important

    My early childhood was defined by My father’s excitement for His work in electrogravitics, then (1950’s) being worked on openly by all major aerospace companies. My father, a CalTech graduate and one of the top electrical engineers at one of these companies, would tell Me about the successes of His experiements (gravity control and overunity (free energy)), and tell Me what the world I would grow up in would look like.

    Cars would fly, cities would float, and We would have all the energy We could use.

    Then, one night He came home from work late and woke Me up to tell Me We couldn’t talk about the flying cars, the floating cities, the free energy anymore. “They want it secret for now.”

    Since My childhood, I have studied economics, coming to the conclusion (later confirmed by Jeremy Rifkin in His book, Entropy) that all money represented was meaningful energy expended. One can grasp this most easily by considering the first hunter, fisherperson, gatherer, farmer, miner. The stuff They gained/used was free: critters, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed, sun, soil, rain, ores. It was the meaningful energy expended that gave “value” to the stuff: the killing, fishing, picking, tilling, weeding, harvesting, mining, transporting.

    Add abundantly what money represents – energy – and the need for money (and the control of others it affords) in all its forms (barter, trade, work exchange, coin, bills, electronic funds…) will dissipate and what is left is free.

    Add robots to do all the necessary jobs no One wants to do to free energy, and Humans will be freed to follow Their bliss – within the three Laws:

    Do not willfully hurt or kill another Being
    Do not willfully take or damage another Being’s property
    Do not willfully defraud another Being

    (A Being (cap the “B”) is sentient, sapient; animals are beings)

    Waste would be virtually eliminated: supermarkets presently throw out hundreds of thousands of tons of food a month! Distributing by need and not profit will end this waste. Products would be made to last instead of being designed to break so as to ensure future sales. Theft-protecting packaging would be unnecessary. And so on.

    Organic farming would be prized and GMO (genetically modified organisms) would be eliminated.

    Motive for war will be virtually eliminated. With no profit motive for war suppliers and “infrastructure rebuilders,” wars will not be instigated to ensure profits.

    Poverty will not exist.

    Hunger will be eliminated.

    Education (at all levels) will be free for all.

    Replace the work “ethic” (a slave’s ethic: enrich the rich with Your Human energy) with a Betterment Ethic and the Humans who better things will be paid in appreciation, status, name-recognition and Self-satisfaction, the new “coin.”

    Create a central website where problems can be brought up locally and People can โ€œvoteโ€ to bump a problem up, down, show apathy by not voting, and chime in with solutions (which can be cheered and booed). Issues will drop off after the original poster indicates that the problem has been resolved or withdrawn, or there has been no activity after, say, six months (that is not set in stone). Social responsibility will be defined as spending 15 minutes a day examining issues on this site.

    Also, issues with some set number of bumps up will be considered issues that need a wider awareness and go to regional sections. From there, continental, perhaps, and then global, as more are needed to be involved in solving the problem. Problems will beget the awareness to solve them.

    Without money as a motive, problems will be solved more creatively, directly, harmoniously, and within the three Laws.

    Leaders of the moment will emerge from this to solve problems as they arise.

    Open-source all public works programming. This allows for many to make suggestions for betterment, and ensures that no one will create outside the three Laws. It also eliminates โ€œback doors,โ€ and other surreptitious software segments that bog down the clean functioning of the program. Without money as a motive, programmers will be proud to offer Their work for scrutinization and use, openly and freely. Status will be gained for creating the best programs.

    Though this will not create a utopia, it will be vastly better than what We now have, in this scarcity-defined system, on this planet.

    1. gnotek

      just to point out the obvious… the same reason i’m sure it was shelved was the same reason JP Morgan stopped working with Tesla: there was no profiting in free energy – no way to ‘regulate’ it.

      we live in the age of empire. but this country, with all its struggles – I believe, holds the keys to that vision. Its buried deep beneath the massive pile of lobbyist money seething through both houses. when (if) enough people start paying attention, this will change. forget about conspiracies – this is the biggest fear of any powerful interest – public opinion. that’s why i’m glad to live in a democracy. hopefully this will be the century when Tesla’s work comes to light ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Silkroad

      Ah, yes, robots to do all of the drudgery. And what if the robots rise up from their slavery?

      Maybe you should watch BattleStar Galactica 2003 version to fully grasp what could go wrong.

  6. Philip Scoggins

    My Grandfather told me a story my while life about how in the early 40’s his older brother has something inside a shoebox that he lifted an anvil up with and moved across the room. My Grandfather was probably 17 and getting ready to go to war and made a comment about whiping out those Nazis with something like that. His brother said he didn’t want to be responsible for killing anyone and never told him how he did it. He died in the 50’s, so I never met him. He said it had something to do with magnetism and the Earth’s magnetic field, but never could figure out how his brother did it. My Grandfather swore that it was a true story.

    1. Ernest

      Yes, money, a fiction – people – reality-.
      Money is just a neat way to control people, as you all easily can see how those who move in the circles of money always get it, and those who don’t….don’t!
      Then you make it a crime to have money – that is why the IRSS thugs , and the FBI go after people who ‘launder’ money – tax evasion etc.
      What a joke!!
      As for the ‘real’ tax laws concerning the average wage-earner – most of us do not legally owe any tax! A whole scheme would fall, all the tax preparers etc.

      Ahhh, wouldn’t that be a shame?

  7. Pedro

    @Amaterasu, this can all be summed up with one scripture:
    1 Timothy 6:10
    “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

    To reinforce that: Acts 8:20 “But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money.” (be mindful that Peter is the proverbial angel at the gates of heaven that is commonly depicted.

    There was posted on youtube an electromagnetic generator, can power a house for 100 years. just search for “electromagnetic generator” on youtube. once you start one of these there is no reason for it to stop, or cost anything.

    @Jeff, There is indeed a conspiracy, since it is obvious that practical solutions exist and works, and has been known about for a long time. If an electromagnetic generator can power a house, surely it can power a car, so could water as a matter of fact (with a tremendous amount of energy as well).

    Let’s just keep seeking solutions to maintain status quo, for a problem that is largely solved already. This is one way modern medicine got corrupted, more money in researching cures than delivering them. So we have found 900 ways to treat a problem, but no way to be done with it.

    But, everyone is told not to see it, so they don’t. (justified by the “I got bills to pay routine”) although the bills wouldn’t be the same if we just got wise. To say otherwise is just willful ignorance, and supportive of this primitive society that canibalizes the lives and wellbeing of others for financial gain. (Its the matrix in 3d – your life = the cocoons that society sucks energy from, not energy sources).

    All the research into energy has to do with figuring out how to charge people money for something that is more easily delivered for free. Ice to eskimoes, sand to arabs (this actually happens look it up), oh and of course, selling electricity to the so-called “civilized world.” Makes us look primitive and silly now… and for the future!

  8. gnotek

    ok, i’m sorry to ‘spam’ this thread so much, but this is a topic i’m very passionate about.
    i’d like to just say one more (hopeful) thing:

    Our global society is VERY far out of sync with our knowledge, both scientific and spiritual. The more that one catches up with the other, the more (in my opinion) the will of the populace begins to replace the will of a very small amount of people who are holding onto very outdated ideologies. There is no struggle here, no conflict, its just a natural happening. its called evolution.


  9. freefall

    Geez I don’t know where to start. I have to wonder if we are all speaking the same language, because though the words sound the same, the meanings seem to change.
    Let’s start with the concept of getting investors to develop free energy. What kind of financial genius would that take? It should be obvious that to save our world and ensure our future we will need people who are not driven by the need to enrich themselves by depriving others, something very rare indeed within our civilization. The issue with energy that poses our problem is not the source or creation of energy which this notion of free energy would theoretically solve. The issue about energy that confronts man is how to store the energy in a manner in which he can use it when where and how he wants. Science cannot find a solution to a problem it doesn’t even recognize! We can minimize the cost of energy today simply by taking control of the management of the energy industry from the pirates which control it and provide the public with energy at a non profit for cost basis. This simple change will drive efforts towards efficiency with unheard of force since opposition to decreased demand won’t exist. This environment would see solar power burst upon the domestic market drastically reducing power plant and power grid requirements. Nothing within the world of man is free so the notion of free energy is preposterous on its’ face. The solution for mankind with regards to energy, environment, food, freedom and everything you can think of is to rid our society, our institutions, and our religion from the blood sucking cannibalistic psychopaths and sociopaths whose limited mental capacity have lead to the current hierarchy which allows for the control of the many by a select few. When we are in control of our resources, and we make the decisions that affect our present and thus our future, and we are as concerned about our world as much as ourselves, then we will have won, one. Profiteering is not sustainable, war is not sustainable, pollution of our planet or our minds is not sustainable, and any doctrine that doesn’t call for human cooperation across the spectrum of humanity is doomed to extinction. Faith in a fantasy involving the destruction of all life on earth as the solution to mans’ primitive ignorance amounts to the blind leading the blind in which the one eyed man is king, perhaps an apt description of 21st century man. The search for free energy, if seriously considered, might possibly free man to use the energy available to him in a manner which would benefit the continuance of his future rather than his self-destruction.

  10. Joe Who

    Are You Kidding?

    In 1969 Richard Rutan got his airplane Patented!
    In 1970 he brought it to the FAA to be cretified for private and commercial use.
    It almost immediately, automaticly recovered from a stall manouver,
    during the standard “stall, flatspin recover test”.
    This extra safe airplane, that would have saved thousands of people from
    dying horribly burned to death in takeoff stall and crash events,
    was Failed! It did not Stall, go into a deadly Flat Spin, from which an Expert Pilot
    needs at least 1000 feet to recover!
    So, a year later, that pesky guy, Richard Rutan, showed p with about $1 million
    of test equipment on his plane. He Prooved it Stalled, Flat Spun, and Recovered!
    The FAA reported, “It doesn’t fit on our form.”

    That was not magical Over Unity power.
    That plane design Only saves about 28 percent on fuel.

    Go ahead, build a 2 foot long styrofoam flying model,
    and go fly it.
    Watch it recover from a stall at 4 feet off the ground.
    I made it recover a few times at around 1 foot off the ground.
    Give it about 2 o feet of height,
    it will recover from a Death Anger or Lawn dart manouver.
    You rarely see Rutan airplanes as Experimantal Aircraft at airshows.

    I built my model using a pencil, paper, ruler, square and ginsu knife.
    It is simple, Im not an engineer, or even a carpenter.

    I was just an average C student.

    Hell! Those “Magic Carburators” basicly work like a bunch of ultrasonic dog whistles built into a can.
    Normal carburated Fuel-Air mix goes in one end,
    super carburated Fuel-Air blend goes out the other, into the intake manifold.
    Any mechanic should be able to build a working version.
    Its about as “Magic” as a dog whistle and a Mixmaster!
    It was kept a big secret to prevent saving 15 to 30 percent on fuel untill the 1990’s,
    when Carburation was replaced with fuel injection.

    Face it!
    If you build your own Over Unity device, you will Never see a cent from it!

    The only thing you can do is either ,
    Give It Away to Everybody,
    or Give Up!

    You will have to be Sneaky and have a Worldwide Release of that info.
    It still probably wont even get on the evening news.
    Probably not even World Weekly News!

    You will be very lucky if you dont have an “accident” ,
    or a “heart attack” .

    Maybe, if most people will demand a “multigraphic-polygraph” honesty test
    ( – something better than the regular polygraph) , of every political candidate,
    maybe, in 20 or 30 years we could keep new Oil Company Senators,
    or Big Busines Senators from helping Billionaires from using the rest
    of us as slaves.

    You are Not really Free!
    You are Less Free every day!

    Do you have any honest argument with my statements?

    Best Wishes,
    Joe Who

  11. jayessell

    Here’s a bucket of cold water for your dream of Free Energy:

    If it were possible except for Big Business and Big Government not wanting to see their control over the population broken, please explain why China doesn’t have it.

    Also… my electric bill seems to be half fees and taxes. I’d still have to pay even if the power plant ran on nothing. They would have to build the power plant out of steel and concrete and assorted refined metals even if it ran on nothing. If I bought one for my house I’d still have to pay for it and have it installed. I don’t see it collapsing the market. I’d still have to go to the grocery store. The US could tell OPEC to *********,
    and we could start to sell them distilled seawater.

    The dream of someguy building a power generator that violates known physics in his garage belongs in the SF pulps of the 1930s.

    PS: If he did, just call the local Channel 12 newsguys over, and it would be impossible to keep secret.

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