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  1. Pete Bailey

    A very important message, let us all just hope that boot-licking politicians stop worshiping their sponsors and start to work for their true paymasters for the good of the worlds people and therefore the world itself. Delivered efficiently and confidently, compliments to the narrator and thanks for posting the video.

  2. Rafael

    That’s so lovely!
    I thought it was just one of those bullshit greenpeace stuff that just complained, but I kept watching… and then they presented a better way to go in the end. Lovely 🙂

    More videos with ideas of better ways should be created. We need those!

  3. William

    Making consumption a closed loop optimized for human survival is moving in
    the right direction. The question is how fast can we tighten the the loop
    to compensate for an ever growing population? The most important and humane
    way is to stabilize and by natural attrition reduce the population to a sustainable level.
    Otherwise nature will reduce our populations for us and through us as we
    fight over resources. Also, everything humans do require energy to
    create stable living environments. This creates heat. No matter how efficient
    we are, how do we get rid of the cumulative effects of heat on our planet?
    The only I can think of is to turn the whole planet into a closed system
    that is optimized for humans, by sinking heat into space, fixing populations,
    and recycling on the molecular level. Of course if the powers that be
    are more concerned with maintaining their wealth and power culture than
    the general safety of the rest of the world population, they will instigate conflicts
    and expend greater numbers of people to shore up their culture of privilege
    as long as they can. This is not a humane solution. The humane solution is
    to get the wealthy and the privileged to understand that it is in the best
    interest of all of humanity that their leadership must mobilize on a war
    like footing to invest in educating everyone to pull together and systematically
    solve our environment by turning our consumption culture to
    a user culture by creating objects and services that are inherently recyclable
    with a minimal amount of energy. If possible develop things we need
    made out of materials that are more biological and go through their own ‘life’
    cycle along with its use. After their use they are biologically broken down
    and re-synthesized using sustainable biological processes.
    Largely replacing the inorganic with the organic.
    We also need to to accelerate ways of hardening our own biology,
    to make it more efficient in terms of minimizing the consumption of
    food and water, and more resistant to temperature changes and
    competing parasites and diseases. Natural selection without massive conscious
    intervention simply will not work if we want to survive as a stable whole.
    But this is also not a sure thing, because of unintended consequences.
    But what is the humane alternative?

  4. David H.

    Great to see the Marxists/Statists are still alive and well… This video is pure garbage and the product of George Soros funding.

    Hey William, you fascist, just when are you planning on enslaving, and massacring all those people in order to “reduce heat” on the world. You a freaking wannabe tyranny bud, just like the other tyrants that have reaped havoc upon the world numerous times in the past (Stalin, Mao, Hitler ring a bell?)

    Notice how easy it is for mere pessimism to turn into de-humanizing propoganda that gives people in positions of power the right to destroy things, people, human activity, and prosperity. Wake up you morons before you commit suicide!

    This video is a heinous big lie perpetrated upon unwitting drones.

    1. Bob Jacks

      wow, thats a nice rendition of Ayn Rand there buddy, who is the one who is brainwashed here?

  5. john purcell

    One only need listen to the collected works of the late George Carlin and you will be properly educated in all things Stuffia.

  6. Andualem

    It’s so nice that you have shared this video. But do the politicians think that is all the way we have to be dealt with all the resources and all the stuffs around us ? If everybody couldn’t stop wondering about all the stuffs like you, how best it could haven been ?
    Anyways thanks Annie !!!

  7. timothy

    total socialist propaganda, oats for the sheeple to feed on. For the computer. good of the world’s people? Give me a break. You NewWorld Order idiotd never cease to amaze me. You are just as consumption oriented as the rest. Do you live in a house? Do you drive a car? Do you wear leather (shoes, bags, jackets)? Do you dine out? Obviously you use a computer. Do you have a refrigerator, a washer and dryer, a toaster or a microwave? Are you willing to give up your modern convieniences for the “greater good” of “humanity”? I thought not. Hypocrits! Sit on your comfy sofa, drink a Coca-Cola and then bitch about consumption. Do you buy pre-packaged food? Sure you do. You belong to a consumption-oriented society! Take your hypocrisy and your socialist-communist ideologies and go bark up another tree. You talk, talk, talk, your lips move, but all I hear is blah, blah, blah!

    1. Maxx

      You seem to have missed the whole point of the video my friend. No one is denying we all like to consume, and will continue to do so. The question is can we sustain the way we are doing it, and if not, what do we need to do to change it so we can. It cannot be done one person, or one company at a time, because that company will be at a disadvantage to those that continue to produce and consume the straight line way. The production and consumption rules (laws) need to be changed for everyone, at once – it’s the only way to keep an even playing field and allow us all to keep consuming – hopefully at a more moderate and sustainable rate.

    2. Mesila

      So, what’s your solution, eh? This question goes out to the fellow who gave this bad marks for being funded by George Soros. What’s wrong with that? I realise there’s a lot of hypocrisy inherent in this century’s ‘leftish’ (I think ‘left’ and ‘right’ are becoming more and more irrelevant as divisions in society, and the longer they squabble, the less anything gets done about anything.)

      Please tell me – somebody! Why is ANYTHING with the slightest bit of socialist connection necessarily the equivalent of Pure Evil? The way I was taught about this, which is outdated and simplistic, is that the difference between socialism and communism is that in a socialised sector, there are certain vital services and survival needs provided to the public but they still have a choice whether or not to make use of them, while communism forces the issue and any liberal with any sense of his or her own values as one should see by now that communism is oppressive, but socialism does not tend to be.

      The 1-percenters can’t go on like they are and expect to continue increasing more and more in power, if the rest of us can’t afford to buy what they sell. I make use of government subsidized apartment housing in San Francisco which is allowing me to live and pay a reasonable rent (a third of my income) and these units have kitchens and bathrooms, management that makes the buildings quite safe compared to the usual SRO hotel those who fall through the cracks end up living in. Bedbugs are totally absent. The house is encouraged to join together and improve its own living space by the management. This one building out of a series of four the Todco company operates has gotten close to 80 seniors, disabled persons and the functionally-ill population, some who’ve been on the street for three or four years, out of the doorways of shops and patrician homes.

      This is socialism, right? I’m damned happy it exists. We don’t get huge rooms, they’re about the size of a medium U-Stor-it unit, and the food pantry on Tuesdays gives us simple eats, although the fruit is sometimes stale and insect-bores show up (I will volunteer to fix those problems as best I can this coming week.)

      Living here means I can go to school again and this would have been impossible otherwise. I want to learn a trade and cut down what I pull in from the government for my mobility problems. People can’t have self esteem without places to live and a bare minimum to eat. If that is socialism, than let there be socialism. It needn’t war with capitalism. We need THAT, too…and I’m a liberal who understands the value of real capitalism, not the corporatism that swallowed most of it up.

      Lastly, to those complaining about propaganda, almost EVERYTHING is propaganda. Wikipedia, perhaps, tries hard not to be, but there’s nothing else created without its creator having some message, agenda, idea-set or opinion to express. Whether it’s propaganda one agrees with or disagrees with, it’s ubiquitous – and the best way to remain intelligent about it is remember to keep an eye out for weasel words and anything that can’t be sourced. Overdependence on these “cheap” forms of false proof is just propaganda that cheats more than propaganda that doesn’t use those techniques.

      But show me nearly any nonfiction film or writing, and I’ll show you propaganda.

  8. John

    Don’t waste your time watching this anti-capitalist screed, here’s the summary:

    Bankrupt private industry by imposing huge “environment taxes” on them.

  9. cainmark

    WATCH THIS incredibly awesome informative video. Investigate on your own instead of relying on others and you’ll find she’s right about most of this.

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