New York City

Just back from a sightseeing trip of New York City. After visiting so many famous landmarks I decided to check out what we have at the Archive.

I dig the riveting machine in this movie of the construction of the Empire State Building: crash Empire State Building 1945

There was tragic airplane crash into the Empire State Building in 1945:

I loved the historic structures all over the city. Here’s a book about some of the more notable historical buildings:

I spent a weekend in Woodbury, Connecticut. It’s a very old area with many houses and buildings over 200 years old. I found this book about the history of the area:

When we returned to San Francisco one of our party discovered a dreaded Deer tick on her leg. I found this document on Lyme disease:

Nasty little bugs to remove. Perhaps it’s time to consider an antibiotic cocktail…   -Jeff Kaplan