Over 1 Million Digital Books Now Available Free to the Blind and Print-Disabled

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Open Library Accessible Books

The Washington Post is carrying the story of the new service launched today, Open Library Accessible Books. We’re really excited about this.

The Open Library team has been working very hard to create a fantastic way to bring books to the blind and print disabled. There will be over 1 million books available free in the open-source DAISY format with more to come.

talking book device

Jessie Lorenz, Jessie Lorenz, an associate director at the Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco, with talking book device

“Every person deserves the opportunity to enhance their lives through access to the books that teach, entertain and inspire,” said Brewster Kahle, founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive. “Bringing access to huge libraries of books to the blind and print disabled is truly one of benefits of the digital revolution.”

The print disabled collection of books are now available through the Internet Archive’s newly redesigned Open Library site, which serves as a gateway to information about millions of hardcopy books and more than 1 million electronic books.

Kahle also announced that the Internet Archive will be investing in the growth of its virtual bookshelf by funding the digitization of the first 10,000 books donated. Individuals and organizations are welcome to donate their favorite book or a collection of books. Books in all languages welcome. To donate books visit: http://openlibrary.org/bookdrive

To read more go to: http://www.archive.org/iathreads/post-view.php?id=305502
Open Library Accessible Books: http://openlibrary.org/subjects/accessible_book
Open Library: http://openlibrary.org