Small Moves: Open Library Integrates Digital Lending

Today, the Internet Archive is pleased to announce 2 new borrowing options through Open Library:

  1. Borrowing ebooks through OverDrive – an ebook through your local library
    We have worked with the team at OverDrive to import about 70,000 new ebook editions into Open Library. All loans via OverDrive are managed through the OverDrive system. Once you click on borrow for these titles, you’ll need to tell OverDrive where you are so it can find your local library.

    Want to try a search through the OverDrive titles?

  2. Borrowing Scanned Books through participating libraries – an ebook to you, anywhere in the world
    Three long-time Internet Archive library partners are now offering scanned books from their collections for loan through Open Library. Boston Public Library, the Biblioteca Ludwig von Mises at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala, the Marine Biological Laboratory in Wood’s Hole as well as the Internet Archive itself are proud to make around 200 titles available for loan as ebooks through Open Library.

    You’ll need to download the free Adobe® Digital Editions software to manage borrowing scanned books.

  3. Borrowing Physical Books through WorldCat– from your local library
    Since Open Library was launched back in 2007, we’ve added links wherever possible into the WorldCat catalog, which you can search using your location to find a copy of the book near you.

Remix Edition page on Open Library

As you may have seen in our recent 1 million accessible books announcement, we used an Open Library subject to group those works with an accessible edition together. We’re doing the same thing with both an OverDrive subject page and a Lending Library subject page, to help you browse what’s available, or click through to a search for something specific.

There are some classic technology titles in the Scanned Collection, from The Media Lab: inventing the future at MIT by Stewart Brand to that 1986 gem, Voice/data telecommunications systems by Michael Gurrie.

Here are a few shortcuts to dive into these new borrowable books…

OverDrive titles:

From the teeny scanned books offering:

If you need any help trying to borrow a book, please be sure to review the borrowing a book through Open Library FAQ. Check out the official announcement over on!

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