Top 40 best free legal movies you can download right now

Sean P. Aune at tech.blorge has put together a great list of movies on  From his blog:

The Internet Archive works to bring together anything and everything that resides in the public domain, and that includes movies.  We’ve gathered together 40 of the best ones that will keep you entertained for hours on end, all without costing you a dime outside of using some of your bandwidth.  Enjoy!

I haven’t seen a lot of these and didn’t even know we had some of them. This is a great list. Gotta watch one of the Hitchcock movies right now.

Sean, thanks for doing the heavy lifting!

-Jeff Kaplan

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  1. Marley says:

    who knew? this is a great list.

  2. Sean P. Aune says:

    I was amazed at some of the films on here also, now I just have to find the time to watch them all!

    Happy to do it.

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  4. Shirley says:

    Good day! Thanks for sharing. I will bookmark your website.

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  6. indir says:

    I was amazed at some of the films on here also, now I just have to find the time to watch them all!

  7. Thank you for offering useful
    Greetings to all

  8. Thank you for the movie list..

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  10. Tom Gigante says:

    I have been trying to send an e-mail to you for (2) days and for some reason or other your system fails to accept it; can you e-mail me with information as to how I can get to you? I’ve also tried the telephone but whoever answers the phone says that I need to e-mail you; I’ve tried “” but that doesn’t work. Please advise me. Thanks. Tom Gigante.

  11. trm says:

    thz, now i bookmarked ur site

  12. Fred Philpott says:

    No. 41 – “Things To C0me” directed by Alexander Korda. Made about 1936.

    It starts off a bit slowly but look for the flat screen TV in one of the scenes.

    • Joe says:

      Things To C0me is one of my favorite movies of all time a true classic if you like that one Fred look for a movie called Metropolis(1927)

      • Kent says:


        Metropolis is a great film. Unfortunately (and a lot of people don’t know this) but it is not currently in the public domain. Any and all copies have active copyrights, although some people occasionally upload them not knowing that. That film and a number of others actually had their copyrights restored by U.S. treaty about 20 years ago.

        More on that here (worth reading):

        Kino Films has a recently restored version with newly discovered footage – read about it here:

        Also, the Alloy Orchestra (a live orchestra that performs music for the silent films), did a great score for Metropolis and offers it on CD. You can listen to it as you watch the film:

  13. angry pelican says:

    The list is a great place to start but there are a plethora of interesting little films so don’t stop when you have seen the forty. I just watched a charming, little and hopeful film called Keeper of the Bees which was really kind of exceptional in a quiet sort of way.

  14. Vikas Bansode says:

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    Thank You very Much to creating this website

  15. Rafael Nieves says:

    The list is a great website to start there are many interesting films. Don’t stop when you have seen at lead 20 of them

  16. Wilton Anderson says:

    Great website

  17. Pat says:

    Looking forward to downloading and viewing. Will report afer.


  18. Heather L Smith says:

    I look forward to seeing what you have. Thanks

  19. Victor Bartoli Herrera says:

    Its helpfull to be helped to became less and less ignorant. Thanks

  20. Me says:

    Ya know, when we “go” to the above-said List – Manny Farber isn’t listening, is he? – when we go to the List at … … we are no longer on a “*.org” page.

    So biggie?

    Well, institutions etc. won’t allow anything but a “*.org” (so we can’t see the list).

    Any way for the rest of us to see the “secret” List?

  21. hubert crosby says:

    I LOOK FORward to seeing your inventory

  22. Linda-mae Short says:


  23. Agreed: “Sean, thanks for doing the heavy lifting!”

    And, “thank YOU!” Jeff for doing the reminder posting here, else I’d have NEVER learned about these 40 oldies!

    Awesome… thanks again,

  24. Very nice list, I love old martial arts and horror movies

  25. adalgisa says:

    goodye my concubine -chinese movie

  26. Thanks for awesome list of free legal movie that I can download and watch in my free time 🙂

  27. were are the movies

  28. yousef iranmanesh says:

    thank you for this website

  29. Nandan says:

    Well I’ve to confess though a Movie-buff. I haven’t heard some names mentioned in ur list. Thanks for this link, simply amazing..

  30. Skeen45 says:

    The Brother From Another Planet is no longer available according to the website

  31. Halla Cooke says:

    This website (Top 40 best free legal movies you can download right now | Internet Archive Blogs) does not display correctly on my android – you might want to try and fix that 🙂 Halla Cooke

  32. shazzy says:

    pls, where is the list and website. hope its easy to download and free.

  33. 1234 says:

    will check out

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  35. Harry says:

    Very sad. “Brother From Another Planet” is a very good movie which I saw quite a few years ago. Wanted to watch it again and was saddened when it wasn’t available. I’ll keep coming back hoping it will be cleared for showing. Thanks for the list. I’m a great fan of Internet Archives and do a lot of watching the old flicks. Many I had seen on Saturday afternoon matinees as a kid back in the late forties and fifties. Great memories of old favorites. Thanks.

  36. hamid says:

    thanks for your unforgettable effort . i wish i coukd download much movies later .

  37. We;ve just compiled a list of the top 40 best free comedies, which you may find interesting:

  38. Sangey says:

    Thank you very much for sharing wonderful and informative entertainments collection in one time.

  39. Michael says:

    Had no idea so many were available. Thanks for the last!

  40. Jiva says:

    Alright……………..and a Big Yikes !!!…………….What a FIND indeed

    Many thanks


  41. lenny breau says:

    where’s the actual link for the list?

  42. aj says:

    @lenny, you probably missed it. it was linked in the article. But for your convenience, here:

  43. zao says:

    vao td toma no cu seus viados

  44. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Any idea about an establishment these movies could be resourced for a cost or otherwise?

  45. The website presents, free, a system of equations for the Hubble Red Shift. It’s not entertaining though world reaction to it is. When I vowed in 1957 to find it, I did not know it would take 25 years. In preparation in 1982 I promised (to keep my vision clean) not to ask for money to present it to the world. The equation came in a wonderful gedanken-experiment. It was 2000 before I got it onto the internet. For ten years it was at one ISP, then I switched to another. There have been upwards of 50,000 visitors, many of which are in important national offices of many kinds. It’s available for the Internet Archives if IA wants that sort of thing. Am especially writing to fend the free publication of it since I recently became vulnerable to a publisher who wants the copyrights for profit. After understanding the equations, the red shift phenomenon is a subjective perception of light of all sources – daylight, candles, fireflies, glowsticks, etc. Michael Grant Lewis

  46. Richard George Flatley Jr. says:

    Thank You Michael Lewis for your insite and determinations to see this project of yours to move forward. I have not as of yet download these important gov. movies. If any of these movie at one time or another was of a classified nature, I believe with the moving of world monopolies your films will be buried. Hopefully you will find some secure site to protect them.

  47. delmar says:

    amazing 🙂

  48. Mantrax says:

    Thanks for hard work but why this limitation of very small and pixelated movies ? Some may be discouraged from discovering jewels because of that. Me first, I quit and get back to clean ones I prefer to pay. There may be 500 classics I may want to see before getting into the pixelated soup.

  49. cupper smith says:

    Looks like the Hitchcock films have been withdrawn. Copyright issues I figure.

  50. Henry says:

    The link to… seems to be associated with some malware. According to my AVG, a threat was posted and removed as soon as I clicked on the link to it on this page, 9/18/12.

  51. William says:

    I’m writing a post on my site on free movies, the site will be featured! Great collection!

  52. Great list of movies! is a site to stand by and support…they are one heck of an authority for public domain and creative commons content.

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  54. michael byron says:

    great list! I can’t figure out how to DL them though. any help would be appreciated

  55. Chantay Safa says:

    Right here is the right web site for anybody who would like to find out about this topic. You understand so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a topic which has been discussed for ages. Great stuff, just great!|

    • kristi says:

      wait… are you actually insulting the person that posted this years old post? It’s a list of movies that are posted here… I don’t see how that is bad of laughable…

  56. Thomas says:

    Thank you for this list.
    The movie “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” is listed as well, nice.

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  58. kristi says:

    Nice list. The site it’s self is a bit of a disapointment though. Was hopefull that it was be like early lifehacker or something but it’s just another tabloid like techblog yelling about how this or that company is evil.

  59. dupuis says:

    comment recevoir tous les films merci

  60. ray wilson birmingham UK says:

    Quicksand….what a movie

  61. Julia says:

    Great list! They work great I was able to download the movies from there!! Thanks for the share!


  62. John says:

    Great list! Thank you

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