Jules Verne

A colleague here at Internet Archive suggested that I post on the birthday of the French author Jules Verne.  He wrote about space, air and underwater travel before practical means of those types of travel had been invented. He is referred to as one of the Fathers of Science Fiction.

We have quite a few of his works at archive.org in a variety of mediatypes.

Starting from inside the planet and working out:

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

A librivox recording of the book

A text version

20,000 Leagues Under The Seas

A Disney version is available for browserlending:

A 1916 silent movie:

An old time radio CBS Radio Adventure Theater broadcast:

A librivox audio recording:

Around The World In 80 Days

A librivox recording:

A Gutenberg Junior book text version:

and last but not least, wallpapers from the Jackie Chan Disney movie:

All Around The Moon

A Gutenberg Project text:

Other texts include The Works of Jules Verne:

And an audio recording of Master Of The World:

A number of his works can be found in French as well:

Enjoy the journeys.

-Jeff Kaplan

7 thoughts on “Jules Verne

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    1. internetarchive Post author

      you are correct! hmmm….have to have a talk with that colleague. Think he owes you an apology.
      sorry bout that : )

  2. Nandan

    Worth knowing about this great person. Around d World in 80 days (1956) is a must-see for d Adventurer kind. Oscar Best-Pic 56 starring Dave Niven, Cantiflas, Shirley McClain, & an array of around 50 top billed Stars appearing in small supporting roles. Prod- UA/Mike Todd, Dir
    by Michael Anderson of ‘Chase d crooked Shadow’ fame.

  3. Robert Simons

    “The Mysterious Island” reading is very good. The reader is awesome. One of my favorite stories as a young man, and am enjoying listening now as a 54 year old.

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