Book Scan Wizard software now supports Internet Archive uploads!

Book Scan Wizard is new open-source software used by the DIY Bookscanning community to process raw camera images into great-looking ebooks. Steve Devore, author of Book Scan Wizard, has released a new version with a great new feature – the ability to upload books straight to the Internet Archive!

Steve writes:

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share those out-of-copyright books that you’ve saved from moldering bookshelves by scanning them? Or perhaps you would like a simple way to convert scans of your books to text, PDF, DjVu, or other formats for your Kindle or other e-reader? The Internet Archive and Book Scan Wizard makes it possible to do just that.

BSW makes it really easy to upload to the Internet Archive. After uploading your book, the Internet Archive will OCR the images and produce searchable PDF and ePub files for you.

Links for more information on BSW:

I really like the BSW upload interface:

Click here for an example of how you can use Book Scan Wizard and a DIY Bookscanner to create gorgeous ebooks. Below is an embedded version of the example book:

Congrats to Steve and the DIY community on a great new tool for scanning books!

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