Happy Birthday Harry Houdini






On the date of his 137th birthday I thought I’d post a few interesting things I found in a quick search of the Archive for Harry Houdini:

Listen to Houdini himself in rehearsal for one of his feats of escape:

Here is a description and the actual audio from the final seance to try to contact Houdini:

A couple of books on Houdini:

Houdini, master of escape (1960): http://www.archive.org/details/houdinimasterofe00kend

Houdini’s Paper Magic:  http://www.archive.org/details/houdinispaperma00houdgoog

And lastly a Houdini screensaver:

-Jeff Kaplan

One thought on “Happy Birthday Harry Houdini

  1. Henry Wells

    I just finished reading Modern Marvels – Viktoriana where Harry Houdini is one of the main characters. Highly recommended and entertaining.

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