Physical Archive Launch

Update:   We Launched!

Everyone is welcome to the open-house and launch of the new Physical Archive of the Internet Archive in Richmond, California on Sunday June 5th from 4-8pm.

After 2 years of prototyping and testing a new design for
sustainable long-term preservation of physical books records and
movies, we are starting with over 300,000 books and gearing up
for millions.

Who should come:

  • if you love books, records, or movies
  • if you are concerned about the future of open access and preservation
  • if you want to have something fun to talk about over the water cooler on Monday….

Then, invest an hour with us on a Sunday – Drinks, food, good people.

What you will see:

  • A high density, modular system for storing books, video and audio
  • A temp controlled environment for long-term preservation
  • Our new logistics facility that will catalog and coordinate large collections of books records and movies.

Who you will meet:

  • The Internet Archive Board, Founder, Management Team
  • Friends and supporters of the Internet Archive
  • Colleagues and leaders from the Library community

Please come!  Bring friends and family.

Secure free parking
2512 Florida Avenue, Richmond California, 30 minutes north of San Francisco and Berkeley, 415 561 6767.

RSVP to, or just come.

15 thoughts on “Physical Archive Launch

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    1. Devin Teske

      It was awesome! A lot of thought and effort went into not only the showing but the technology behind it all. Meeting the lead engineer and hearing what he had to say about moisture control and innovations was delightful. I also got to schmooze with some FreeBSD developers (and no, I don’t hold it against you for choosing Ubuntu Linux as your back-end ^_^).

      Can’t wait for the next showing, when you have all the containers full and an army of scanners.

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  8. Bella Vista at Hilltop

    This was a great achievement, opening this site. It not only helps in the preservation of important media; it also provides an opportunity for the younger people to view pertinent records. Great work!

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