new audio/video player — safari/IE improvements

below the current audio/video player on you have probably seen by now the link:

Would you like to try our new audio/video player? (beta!)

We had some known problems in this beta rollout that affected audio MP3 playback.

Specifically, on Safari, some 30-70% of the time (and it varied widely) the MP3 loading/setup would fail.  This has been fixed.   On Internet Explorer, we didn’t have the MP3 “flash based playback” option setup using the new audio player — and the lead developer, Michael Dale, came over today and fixed that for us.   Hooray!

So at this point, I believe the audio/video player is true “beta” — feature complete with a few things to smooth out left but the finish line is close:

1) i need to add back in captions/subtitles (it’s there in the player, just need to feed them through with our playlist)

2) video items with 3+ videos may play the last video 2x.  working on that!  😎

hopefully, we can all listen to some nice archive music this weekend in peace without issues with this new player!  now grab your headphones or turn up those speakers…


26 thoughts on “new audio/video player — safari/IE improvements

  1. traceypooh Post author

    well then you’re in luck 😎
    find the “wrench” icon on the toolbar with the new audio/video player
    and then hit the “Share” option to get the (improved even!)
    embed code.

  2. john

    Greetings! We’ve been having trouble the last few weeks… perhaps since the update? on Safari and FFox (Mac) with the video/audio player only playing one song at a time. Previously the entire show would play beautifully, now we have to hit ‘play’ after every song? Anyone else experiencing this? Solutions?

        1. traceypooh Post author

          we have been having a bunch of known issues w/ the new player in the past 6 months unfortunately.
          we have occasional reports of issues w/ the non-new player.

          this is *not* live yet, w/ no promise that it we may opt to *not* go with it. it hasn’t been QA-ed yet, either! but nonetheless, if you’d like to try this evolving new player, feel free to and leave some feedback on how it goes for you:

          tack on “?&newplayer=jw” to a /details/ page url, eg:

          1. charlie ireton

            Thanks for the quick reply. I thought we had the cure but after playing 1 request it not only stopped but I cannot get any other selections that follow to play on demand. Any other thoughts . Thanks again.

          2. charlie ireton

            Yahoo! Went away disappointed left computer on Archives on the site I was trying to play, I can only think I didn’t give the site long enough to do what ever it does . When I came back after a nice dinner, the Waltz King was finishing the set I couldn’t get to follow in rotation without having to play them singularly.Your advice to “tack on “must have done the trick. Many thanks. Its difficult when one is computer ignorant.

      1. John

        actually I realized it’s only with Grateful Dead, seems like on all concerts, something to do with downloading restrictions ?

        1. traceypooh Post author

          well, i can get Grateful Dead stream only shows to work for me in the new A/V player (using chrome) so not sure…. can you post a /details/ page of one you find not working for you? thx!

    1. traceypooh Post author

      ok, sorry to say that i’m not being able to reproduce that show on chrome, now 8-(
      that is, the player is auto-advancing nicely thru the set…

      1. John

        Thank you for trying. It may be setting on my end but odd that it works for other than GD shows. Streaming does work for me so it’s not the end of the world. I appreciate your time on this.

        1. traceypooh Post author

          hi john,
          wanna give it a try again now?
          i’ve pushed out a bunch of updates and it may be a bit more reliable with respect to stepping through tracks…

          1. John

            Tracypooh, Just had a chance to try it. Simply checking the play arrow still doesn’t work but if I first select Kaltura player under the “Choose video player” option it works fine. I had never tried that so the updates may or may not have made the difference. Is there a way to set that selection as a default ?

        2. traceypooh Post author

          hmm, cant reply to your latest comment, strange…

          yes, i’ve been trying to make sure the “kplayer” (ie: use flash with .mp3) is the default picked option for IE.

          i’ve pushed out some more updates just now. when I tried IE9 the other day it *was* defaulting to kplayer/flash/mp3 instead of the java/cortado/ogg…

          i would think that you should have seen the kplayer default by now, but i suppose you could try a “SHIFT-reload” (hold SHIFT when hitting the (reload) button) and see if any change?

          PS: the “pick kplayer” *should* be sticking as a default for 90 days (for the browser you pick the player in — using a cookie), but there is a known bug that the media player team knows about and is working on where this isn’t working right now…

  3. John

    has been working fine for the past few days, for now your magic is working…again thanks for your diligence

  4. Ror

    When I scroll over to the share button in community audio a wheel shows up where the word “share” was and continuously spins but does not allow me to upload any files. Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas?

    1. traceypooh Post author

      still? can you mention your browser and a /details/ link where you see the issue? (and if you have anything unusual like flashblocker, JS turned off, cookies turned off, or otherwise)

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