Wayback Machine Scheduled Outage Friday through Monday

Update Wednesday 5:45pm: We spent the day fixing hardware and brought up 7 of the machines that were down.  About 90% of the Wayback Machine data is back online now.  We do still have a few machines that don’t want to power up again, and will continue to work on getting that remaining data back online as soon as possible.


Update Monday 12PM PT: We should be up now except for a small % of our data (we have a network switch that didn’t make it though the maintenance).  About 80% of the data is accessible right now, we should have the other 20% online again some time tomorrow.


Update Monday 8:30AM PT:  Power to most of the Wayback machine’s storage servers has not been restored yet.   Engineers are working on it, and we will keep you informed via this blog post.



The Wayback Machine will be offline from Friday evening, October 7, through Sunday, October 9, 2011.  We expect the Wayback to be back in service by Monday morning (PST), October 10, 2011.

So, what’s up?  Maintenance is being done on the data center and cooling system where a large percent of the Wayback’s content is stored, and we’ll need to shut off the power there for the duration of the work.

We aren’t making any changes to the Wayback Machine.  When we power back up some time on Sunday, things should just start working again.  If you are seeing any issues with the Wayback on Monday morning (PST), please drop us a note at info at archive dot org.

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40 Responses to Wayback Machine Scheduled Outage Friday through Monday

  1. Daniel says:

    It made me realise how annoying the web can be without the Wayback Machine at one’s fingertips =)

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work! I wouldn’t know what to do without this site. I love the WBM Beta, by the way. Makes it really easy and quick to find things.

  3. j says:

    I can’t live without Wayback Machine, I use it every day, helped me so much.

  4. Sandbox says:

    Bonne courage pour les opération de maintenance et que tous fonctionne toujours aussi bien.

  5. Baikal says:

    I tried to access the Wayback Machine multiple times until I saw the notice that it is down. Well, I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

    Wish you best with the maintenance work!

  6. Auto says:

    Thanks for letting us know this in advance. Just a suggestion, use a large UPS or small generators to prevent outages in the future. We in the military use UPS and generators to insure we are never down.
    Just a thought.

    Just also want to thank you. Seriously – Thanks for providing a very valuable service!!!

  7. Duncan says:

    Please hurry and finish guys, I use the Wayback Machine too often to be without it so long.

  8. John Bell says:

    I wish you could improve capturing all of the images on a Website…………Just a suggestion.

  9. rob says:

    I didn’t know what to do with myself all weekend with archive down.

  10. Gary Smith says:

    Thanks for maintaining this very useful site!

  11. mpop says:

    I use the wayback machine only a couple times a year.
    I found a great site but it shut down last week and today when i tried to use wayback…
    It’s just my luck that i tried it on this particular weekend.

  12. angel bulbhead says:

    mpop, don’t forget, it can take a while for sites to come up on the web.archive, perhaps as long as six months.

    Monday morning here in UK and still down, I figure PST is pacific standard time and it’s at the end of the world, just before the land of the rising sun.

    Missed it though.

  13. Marc says:

    Thanks for this. When I discovered it I was at awe knowing somewhere some people had this brilliant idea, for the internet is such a volatile place. Things come and go forever it seems.

  14. PatSecker says:

    I am not able to access the skillswise website this am.

  15. This is still not working, I wanted to go back to 2008….

  16. Hello, what happened to http://www.ytedk.com??? A lot of people are looking for it? If you don’t want to post it, do you still have a copy of it? Could you send it to me? I’ll post it on the Internet. This is a terrible loss.

  17. Yury says:

    I can not work normally without wayback machine. This is a very useful service and I hope that it work is to recover as soon as possible.

  18. Sam says:

    wanted to checkup history of some site’s but saw the server was still down? Its monday allready here:p When can we use this usefull service again?:$


  19. I use this site occasionally in case everything goes wrong (or at least a number of things) and I don’t have a backup of that particular part of my site (anymore)

    In this case I was looking for old guestbook entries since the database I use now wasn’t compatible for the Korean language. I just wanted to enter the old entries again.

    Well, I will just have to wait for Monday. Great service though. Thanks

  20. RC Flying says:

    It’s such a fantastic service, mind-blowing really when you think of the scale of it, that I’m surprised you managed to keep it going as well as you do without having to go offline for maintanance more often.

  21. This is sooooo true, the web lacks of much, without the Wayback Machine. Its already Monday here in Greece and still …… 🙁

  22. Sam says:

    Like mpop, I only use the wayback machine a couple times a year, but when I do need it boy am I glad that it’s there!
    Thanks for the awesome archive.

  23. matt says:

    Long live the Wayback machine!!!

  24. Tom Smith says:

    If the Arab Spring can start a revolution it’s what the ‘so called’ Freeworld needs.
    Keep up the good work

  25. elvis says:

    The Wayback Machine is a goldmine! I have just discovered this site, and I can’t wait to explore all the different features of Archive.Org!

  26. Ray says:

    Hope the servers are back up soon. Being without it just makes me realize how much I rely on this service and how awesome it is.

  27. Carmen Isais says:

    I’m always amazed at the uses found for the WayBack. Thanks for keeping this resource alive and well!

  28. merle says:

    Ugh… Apparently I have been living under a rock and I just discovered this site Friday evening. When I try it this morning, I get this message: “We were unable to get the robots.txt document to display this page.” What does that mean?

    • travis says:

      We check the robots.txt twice. Once when the site is crawled, and once when the crawled data is served. This gives content owners some retroactive control.

      • anonymous says:

        But what happens the original owner/company is gone and there is now a domain parking monetization site using this name with
        User-agent: *
        Disallow: /
        in its robots.txt?

  29. Kliq says:

    Already 3 days without the archive. When will you be back online?

  30. Roberto says:

    I still can not access the service, when you will return to normal?

  31. Frank Brown says:

    The home of endless knowledge! I cant wait to see how this works…

  32. Jonas says:

    I take it that things haven’t gone quite as smoothly as planned?
    I’m mostly still getting these messages when i try to use the Wayback Machine:

    The machine that serves this file is down. We’re working on it.

  33. Dawn says:

    Still not able to use the site, when will be back online?

  34. Ror says:

    any one else having problems with the share button not working still?

  35. Ror says:

    When I click on the share button the circle comes up and keeps spinning, for some reason I can’t upload anything. Any suggestions?

  36. Very interesting to see the evolution of web design over the last 10 years

  37. Caviar says:

    I hope the Wayback machine will never disapear ! Thanks for your work.

  38. Tae says:

    Today a Gateway Time-out message is appeared when the server is trying to load pages too slowly.

    How to get Wayback Machine fixed and working without Gateway Time-out messages?

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