This week at the Archive | 7 November 2011

Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is one of those works that’s become an integral part of popular culture, including an Oscar winning film. It’s worth going back to this 1894 edition to appreciate that a great story doesn’t need modern technology to work.

— recommended by Brewster Kahle

The Jonestown Death Tape (FBI No. Q 042)

A chilling audio recording made on November 18, 1978, at the Peoples Temple compound in Jonestown, Guyana immediately preceding and during the mass suicide or murder of over 900 members of the cult.

— recommended by Gareth Hughes

The Three Stooges

These are the original knuckleheads. The American life shown in these popular films is charmingly dated, but the stupidity is timeless.

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—David Glenn Rinehart

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