This week at the Archive | 5 December 2011

Compute Magazine

The first issue of Compute Magazine from 1979 provides an interesting perspective on the birth of the personal computer industry. For example, there’s an ad for an eight-inch floppy drive for $1,295 ($3,800 adjusted for inflation).

— recommended by Milton Jones

Sugar Rice Krinkles advertisement

Ever wonder where coulrophobia comes from?

This creepy clown is just one of the bizarre ads in Duke University’s Adviews collection, hosted at the Internet Archive.

— recommended by Steve Barton

Mission of Burma Live at Maxwell’s on 5 December 2010

This recording from a year ago today features a premiere of a new song and several covers of old favorites in addition to the band’s warhorses.

— recommended by Harriet Hammer

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—David Glenn Rinehart