new off-site video/audio embed codes

We are about to rollout a “new new” video/audio player 😎

You can see it in action now with our upcoming embed codes to go with this new player.

It will allow for additional much wanted features like:
– off-site playlists
– fullscreen in many cases
– subtitles/captions

as well as the standard arbitrary width/height and “autoplay” options.

You can see some examples here:

The rest is coming soon (if you are eager, you can even “opt in” now by clicking here:

(then take a look at one of your favorite items).

Now relax, sit back, and enjoy an archive video!


11 thoughts on “new off-site video/audio embed codes

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  2. Evan

    Archive folks;

    Love the site would be lost at work without it. However, I was really excited when I got my new IPhone 4 for Christmas and was able to have music play and be able to open up a new Internet browsing window and still listen to music while surfing the web., now it’s not an option. The new updated version does not allow for this. Is it temporary and will this be addressed once it is fully released and tweaked? Please try and fix or aid me in my turmoil.


    1. traceypooh Post author

      should be fixed! had a short-lived UI glitch for iOS and audio only
      where the player *was* there, but the button was hard to find
      (and required pinching way out / zoom in to kludge find and get to go).

      I managed to track that down late last night and make it all work
      so my iPhone4 and iPad2 now work and look great for audio!
      let me/us know if any issues still for you!

  3. Brian


    Fantastic work!! Love the new embed options!

    The playlist feature is really nice. I was wondering, is there a way to add chapters or “Jump To” /seek to different areas on the same video. Like if the video is longer and if folks could jump to a specific area in the video in the same fashion as playlists?

    Thanks again for your fantastic contribution to the archive!

    Best Always,

    1. traceypooh Post author

      Yes, it is possible — to jump into the start of 1 audio/video file of an item. We havent documented it quite yet because I was waiting for our new player to be the player everywhere first and it’s possible it could change *slightly* but should be OK…

      It’s a “start=[SECONDS]” parameter, which you can see as an example here:

      (It’s also autoplay only, at least right now)
      You can combine with other parameters to play a specific video/audio file of an item, eg:

      hope that helps!

  4. Bill

    How can I embed multiple movie/videos like a playlist using iframe code.
    Below I am curr using your floplayer but can;t figure out how to achive same result with your new iframe player. please provide a complete iframe sample -thank you.
    below is flo player code for a playlist of movies on

    I do not wish to stake the movies on my web page but rather play them like playlist in 1 video.. cheers – Bill

    1. traceypooh Post author

      Hi Bill,

      unfortunately there’s not really a good way to do that now. we decided to focus on trying to make a more solid, permalink-able and forever kind of single embed code, that would survive multiple changes in video codecs/containers, video players, possible End of Flash, etc.

      having said that, one *can* use some javascript includes to make an arbitrary playlist.

      I’ve put up a kind of rough page with some examples/ideas here:

    1. traceypooh Post author

      hi Leo,
      Sorry not at this point.

      As we are continually updating our player and occasionally changing the player’s source (eg: flowplayer => kaltura => jwplayer), I’m not sure how realistic it might be for us to be able to set this up. But definitely we’ll keep it in mind and perhaps we can offer at least a “light” and “dark” theme to more match offsite embed sites, etc.

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