IA forums now do “inline reply”

One thing that’s driven me a bit kooky is every time I “reply to this post” in the Internet Archive forums, it drives the browser to a new form page with no context/content of the post I was just looking at!

Very pleased to finally with some coffee just make it javascript “inline reply” right at the post you are looking at, so you can reference everything you were just thinking about and how you were going to reply.

It gracefully degrades to prior behaviour for those without javascript enabled.

[The prior behaviour:
Ooh, nice post and points.
But I gotta get in there with some comments… OK, I have some ideas ready to type…
[reply button]
Say, is that Jane’s Addiction old stuff coming up on random play, I like this…
oh crap, what was I going to say again?
what post was I looking at again?
Say, is that a lower-than-normal plane flying outside?


One thought on “IA forums now do “inline reply”


    At 80, quite happily adding videos to the Community Video project I find one entry has ended up with the wrong title and some other mysterious faults. My first ever letter, thus, is to ask if there’s a way to completely erradicate / remove my ‘RHINE 1997’entry so I can replace it with LAKE GARDA, which is in fact it is.

    Yes, I do appreciate I’m in the wrong place here but I can’t find any way of ‘entering’
    the normal Forum pages and would greatly appreciate any available help or traces of compassion. J.C. MARSHALL

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