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(brewster is in fashionable white)

Brewster Kahle is honored to be inducted today into the newly formed Internet Hall of Fame administrated by the Internet Society.  As the Society that administers much of the Internet turns 20 years old, they have introduced this award at their annual meeting in Geneva.

“Brewster Kahle is the founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive in 1996. An entrepreneur and Internet pioneer, Brewster invented the first Internet publishing system and helped put newspapers and publishers online in the 1990′s.” —Official Biography of the Internet Society

The Internet Archive’s work, to help build a robust library system reinforcing the publishing systems of the Internet including the World Wide Web, is likely to have been a reason for this award.   As well, this is for Brewster’s earlier work on the first Internet publishing system and search engine, Wide Area Information Servers, in 1989.

20 thoughts on “Internet Hall of Fame

  1. Steve

    Is this picture licensed Creative Commons or Public Domain? Would like to use it on Wikipedia.

  2. Ken Craggs

    Congratulations Mr. Kahle. The Internet Archive is a terrific and indispensable resource. The dedication and effort of all those involved in putting such an amazing collection together is greatly admired and appreciated. It is an incredible achievement!

  3. George Edw. Seymour

    The concept and photo on this webpage are sound:
    Your Photo

    Yet, unlike you, I do not recognize many of these people. Seems to me that adding their names either below the picture or better as a mouse over would be helpful. The next step would be to provide links to their (or their wiki) webpages.

    Finally, there were many pioneers; Is Matthew Gray there? In 1999, a long long time ago in the digital era, I created this slideshow, and Matthew is on slide 11:
    Slide 11

    Best regards, George

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