Our First Step into the IPv6 World

IPv6 Day logo In celebration of IPv6 Day, we are happy to demonstrate our first step into the IPv6 world. We set up a special static web site that is only accessible over IPv6. We will use this as our test bed to debug all the various software and network layers involved.  If http://ipv6.archive.org/ displays in your browser, your network stack is IPv6 compatible.

11 thoughts on “Our First Step into the IPv6 World

  1. G Wilson

    Well, I tried but somewhere along the way it’s still IP4. I’ll check everything at this end for IP6 and try again.

  2. PDXsays

    I am a residential user of Comcast in Portland Oregon. Would anyone have a suggestion for finding out about IPv6 enabling v ISP’s? Thanks!

  3. evangelos

    yes im so existed about ipv6 web is going to be like tv of future and be faster securer and much more i ben working on ipv6 program and coding projects last 8 months it is incredible developments going on Imagine downlod speed of 100 to 1000 terabit per second imagine you have your own internet that you control tats what ipv6 will be for all, if you want help setup privet ipv6 network i can help my rates are negotiable,

  4. Rigarmorty

    Not sure if it’s related or not but I’m having trouble getting logged into the normal site. It keeps going back and loading the home page with User: Anonymous still showing instead of my name. Ideas?

  5. Bobby Mccreary

    Just so another great update to feed my mind as well as great topic to discuss with my friends as I am looking online for current events and news in technology and this is a good choice indeed. Thanks.

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