New Washington State Internet Law Gets its Day in Court

The Internet Archive’s federal challenge to a new Washington State law had its first hearing on Friday.  The law intends to make online service providers criminally liable for providing access to third parties’ offensive materials.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is representing the Internet Archive in order to block the enforcement of SB 6251, a law aimed at combatting advertisements for underage sex workers but with vague and overbroad language that is squarely in conflict with federal law.

“The Internet Archive, as an online library, archives the World Wide Web and other digital materials for researchers, historians, and the general public,” said Brewster Kahle, Digital Librarian and founder of the Internet Archive. “We strongly support law enforcement efforts to combat child sex trafficking, but this new law could endanger libraries and other entities that bring access to websites and user-generated content.”

Read the press release and press reports on the hearing, and other press.



7 thoughts on “New Washington State Internet Law Gets its Day in Court

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  4. Larry Peterson

    That’s the way it starts. Start by rescinding little bits of Law,and pretty soon the whole law is changed. As former Director of Court Services for the State of Illinois, Cass County, Illinois for 32 years, I have watched it happen. As a student of History, I have read how people destroy the rights of others-and you are following the outline. I have lived for 70 years, without your help. I can probably put in a few more years without your help. Like all “People who would be Kings” you are going to violate every right granted to me by the Constitution, but I long to live without you. I do not need you. You do not/have not represented the will of the people-you should not be close to power-such men are dangerous. Look at Hitler. He manipulated thought like you seek to do. We must stop people like you. Since you don’t represent the majority,go home! You work for us. It is no longer satisfactory,you are dismissed.

  5. Homer Goodall

    If opne thing is censored then when will everything be censored. Give one inch the government will take a mile. If we do not fight for what is right then we will be living again under tyranny.

  6. Shon Gale

    That’s that republican jerk Attorney General Rob McKenna who operates independently of his own Governor. Another young punk who thinks he knows everything. Hey I won’t operate a business in Washington. So far Arizona, Washington and Florida are states to stay away from. Texas used to be, but there are a lot of creative people living in Austin and San Antonio. So many I think it might even be cool. But I still stay away from Texas too. These guys are scary and are making me buy lot’s of ammo and stashing it. It looks like it is coming down to me and them.

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