3-for-1 Match for Internet Archive Donations: Please Help

Dear Friends,

The Internet Archive has received a generous offer this holiday season. For every dollar we raise before December 31st, one of our supporters will match that money three to one. Please consider donating now.

Every day three million people around the world use our collections. We have archived over ten petabytes (that’s 10,000,000,000,000,000 bytes!) of information, including everything ever written in
Balinese. This year we also launched our groundbreaking TV News Search and Borrow service, which former FCC Chairman Newton Minow said “offers citizens exceptional opportunities” to easily do their own fact checking and “to hold powerful public institutions accountable.”

Our constantly expanding collections require a lot of storage space, and if we can raise $150,000 by the end of the year, the 3-for-1 match will give us an additional $450,000. Together that’s enough to buy four more petabytes of storage.

Please help us keep the library free for millions of people by making a tax-deductible donation today. On behalf of all of us at the Internet Archive, we wish you a happy holiday.

Thank you,

Brewster Kahle
Founder, Digital Librarian
Internet Archive

11 thoughts on “3-for-1 Match for Internet Archive Donations: Please Help

  1. Erik S

    It’s unfortunate that donations are not tax exempt for us in Sweden.

    But I don’t mind sending a few dollars to the Internet Archive! Especially not when I know someone else is matching my contribution 🙂 Thanks “Anonymous Contributor”!

    Thanks for all your efforts! Keep being awesome

  2. Anarchie Libertaire

    Would be nice if you re going to start a Kickstarter campaign for this ! Or making a donation Banner wich appears on all pages of the website (As Wikipedia does this to raise donations).

      1. awww

        Ditto that! The Amazon option makes it dumb simple to donate to Wikimedia, and now archive.org! After more than 10 years of downloading a mind-numbing amount of content, a holiday donation makes me smile :).

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  4. Mike D

    As a music lover and taper how can you not kick down for the archive! Big kudos to the anon fund matcher

  5. Lawrence E Allred

    This is one site I feel deserves all of the donations they receive plus more.
    Thanks for the great service. Larry76

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