New Uploader Handles Bigger Files

Today we are launching a new uploader that handles much larger files.  We’ve tested files well over 100GB in size, so if you’re using the right browser it should be able to take care of all your uploading needs.  We recommend using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

The new uploader does not work in Internet Explorer due to the limitations of that browser.  The previous, flash-based uploader is still available for IE users, or for those who have any issues with the new one.

Let us know in the comments if you’re having any issues.

Thanks to Raj Kumar, Sam Stoller, Michael Ang, Tracey Jaquith, Jeff Kaplan and Alexis Rossi.

Please upload!

7 thoughts on “New Uploader Handles Bigger Files

  1. Beep*

    I tried to upload a small audio file (4.7mb) but it froze at 4,3mb. Went back and used the non-flash uploader and it worked fine. Mac computer using Firefox.

  2. brewster Post author

    Thank you for the comment. We are seeing about 6% of uploads not completing for some reason. We would like to have more examples to help us chase down the problems.


  3. Andy Pozdol

    The classic uploader does not work in internet explorer 8. I just shows that spinning icon in the button when you click on it. It worked on Feb 16 but not on Feb 17. When it still didnt work on Feb 18, I went to another pc and used firefox and noticed a whole new screen. Thats when I went back to your home page and saw the article about the change. As for the new uploader, it is not clear how the filenaming and description fields map to the new uploader fields. I dont know how to name my files on the new uploader to have the same names and directory structure as on the classic uploader, so i used the classic one, even on firefox.

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  5. Jeroen Hellingman

    I tried uploading a 2.7 GB file several times, using FF and Chrome, but in all cases it failed just before completing. Since it takes about an hour, it would be nice to have some kind of resumable upload mechanism. Wouldn’t it be possible to use bittorrent to upload to your site. I can seed my large files, provide a magnet link, and can take over once it is complete at

    For smaller files (720 MB) it works great.

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