Archive of Historical Computer Software is here

Thanks to Jason Scott, lots of deep collecting communities, and volunteers, Jason is announcing that the Internet Archive now hosts some very large software and computer documentation collections, maybe the largest overall host.


Now we all have to make it larger, more findable, and re-usable– please help, please donate money, time, anything– this is our history, lets write it well.


11 thoughts on “Archive of Historical Computer Software is here

  1. Jim Moore

    This is indeed great news. I have oodles of fantastic software from way back (pardon the pun), a lot of which I still use (or would if the media still worked!), this presents an opportunity to build and maintain a local mirror of that which I have broken media for. Thanks, IA!

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  5. Jerry

    Since I had quite a bit of experience with bulletin boards and their software back in the day, I thought I’d download some of the archives and see what I might be able to contribute to the effort. I did not expect to find the archives heavily infested with the win32 malware-gen trojan, but at least one of them was. Surely I’m not the only one who has remarked about this, and I’m surprised that even now there isn’t even a warning about it. I can only blame myself as I dig out from under the mess this has made of my computer, but at the same time it surprises me that these files weren’t scanned before putting them up for public download.


  6. Donna Matthews

    I am enjoying internet archive, actually this is my first experience with this site, keep up the good work. Just finished downloading a book. The print is clear and bright.

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