Site down some of Tuesday and Wednesday for Power Upgrade

[Update:   Upgrade is done, we were offline twice, as we predicted (and are sorry about), but now we have twice the power.

New transformer for the Internet Archive Building.

New transformer for the Internet Archive Building.

Thank you PG&E, Ralf Muehlen, and the Archive engineers.]

This week, we are doubling the power coming into our primary data center so that we can archive and serve even more web pages, books, music and moving images. During those upgrades, there will be times when many of our web sites and services will not be available. Details below.

To keep the data safe, we will proactively shut down most of our services served from our primary data center.,, and our blogs will be unavailable during the outages. The upgrades will happen over a two day period. We anticipate two prolonged outages, the first one from about 7am to 12noon PDT (14:00-19:00 UTC) on Tuesday, April 16. And the another one from 3pm to 7pm PDT (22:00-02:00 UTC) on Wednesday, April 17. Work might require additional outages between those two major ones.

During the outages, we’ll post updates to our @internetarchive twitter feed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: To be on the safe side, we’ll expand Wednesday’s outage window from 2:15pm PDT to 7:15 PDT (21:15-02:15 UTC). For some of our services, the actual outages might be shorter.

3 thoughts on “Site down some of Tuesday and Wednesday for Power Upgrade

  1. Lulu B.

    Sometimes, apologies aren’t necessary. Thanks for the announcement and for taking the time to keep users updated during this surely-a-doozy project. I read the announcement and thought “thank God, they’re taking it down.” Your work enriches my life beyond measure, y’all take your time, hear? -Lulu

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  3. Xadow

    There is no direct link from the blog to your site, did you notice?

    I hope that you think it’s important too. 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the updates, i’m wishing this website and all it’s branches the best of luck!

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